Spinning Aiko Izabella III IZ3-692ULS (IZ3-692ULS)

Model: Izabella III
Code: 1911-19201
Cпиннинг Aiko Izabella III IZ3-692ULS


Izabella 3 - perfect weapon for microchera, the objects of which are catching walleye, pike and perch.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
0.7 - 5
Test fishing line
1 - 5
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Jigs', Microjy
Transport length
Reel seat
The type of fishing
Spinning, Microjy
The object of fishing
perch, Sudak, pike
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, pond, river
Point of fishing
shore, boat
Type of pond
Package quantity
Izabella III

The most famous series of spinning rods for MICRODIA, Izabella 3, has undergone a reincarnation and has changed not only visually. System of a spinning has become stricter, and the entire line as a whole more succinct. The form became easier and moduline, accessories sleeker and more reliable. The series was renewed completely, becoming more interesting and workable than its predecessor. 3 Izabella – upscale Microdrive the rod, which is able to compete with spinning much higher in price. All of the rod line, Izabella 3 have glued the tip, the so-called Solid tip. It will allow you to recognize the bite of the smallest and tidy predator and will not go unnoticed for the spinner. Rod is equipped with antipakistan rings and light weight, which thanks to the insertion of SiC reduces the effect of friction and prevent sticking and entanglement of the line. The rod blank is made of graphite IM 9, because of this the set is excellent and touch sensitivity, excellent balance and light weight. The perfect weapon for microchera, objects of fishing are perch, pike and perch.

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Spinning Aiko Izabella III IZ3-692ULSIZ3-692ULS-
Spinning Aiko Izabella III IZ3-702ULS IZ3-702ULS -
Spinning Aiko Izabella III IZ3-722ULS IZ3-722ULS-
Spinning Aiko Izabella III IZ3-692ULTIZ3-692ULT€38.13Buy
Spinning Aiko Izabella III IZ3-702ULTIZ3-702ULT€38.65Buy
Spinning Aiko Izabella III IZ3-722ULTIZ3-722ULT€39.16Buy
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Team AikoStore 06.12.2018
Hello, Michael! Unfortunately, at the moment, these tips are not in stock.
Michael. 17.03.2018
Hello. Is it possible to order the top for IZ3 IS IZ3 and 692ULS-722ULS. Broke by negligence, in different seasons.Wand like. I want to restore. Thank you
Nicholas 12.11.2017
Fishermen, spin,really different from predshestvennikov! The reel seat is in order,though not fughi ,but really reliable(tested). Was today in place of N . The load 1.5 gr.beats at the tip,1 gram of course you need a keen eye ,but boy ,spinning for the money(not least in the provision of our country) will definitely justify the cost over head! I was amazed that the tip izabellla3 very sensitive! !!! Bite ruff I saw perfectly(of course it was released). And as the guys from aikostore describe the spin that he can stand level with the sticks much more expensive and higher level,believe me - it's true !!!! Maximum test low - it does not matter! Today threw the branch on the 6.5 gr.pffffffff !!!!!! Not overloaded with guys,NOT OVERLOADED,and the radar remains ON top! if you want,you overpay for imenitye brands,but you get the same spinning only in a different cover! In General, fishermen all NHNC,and fans of expensive snastei wish not to be jealous of aiko on the pond ,when you will have to sh!!!
Nicholas 08.11.2017
Nicholas 01.11.2017
The team Jackson Store again! Ordered on Monday,received on Wednesday! Great job! The form arrived in one piece! Thank you! Regarding the form itself. I'm happy with the ratio of price and quality! A solid 5!!! I wish the team Jackson store success and prosperity! Keep it guys!
Team AikoStore 01.11.2017
Thank you for Your feedback! We are happy to try!

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