Spinning Aiko Predator 240МН (PR 240МН)

Model: Predator
Code: 1910-4001
Спиннинг Aiko Predator 240MН
Спиннинг Aiko Predator 240MН
Спиннинг Aiko Predator 240MН


Aiko Predator 240MH - exclusive jubilee spinning company Aiko. Designed specifically for catching trophy fish on a jig. Meets the highest requirements of even the most predestining...

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Main characteristics
Test bait
10 - 38
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
The type of fishing
Spinning, Jigs'
The object of fishing
pike, perch, Sudak, IDE
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Aiko Predator is a limited edition jig spinning rods, made to last and taking into account all the requirements for modern rods. These rods demonstrate in long-distance and accurate casts. Possess good sensitivity, despite its big test on baits. On playing the predator simply has no chance to get off the hook, system of a spinning works, just tightly knits the fish.

This series is available in two versions. Completed with excellent and durable case. Spinning rods made of high modulus graphite IM9, set ring KIGAN, the handle is made of material EVA,coil is attached with the top screw. In the butt set Hook Keeper for securing lures.

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Dmitry 15.05.2018
Reminded me of one of my first spinnings, from another company, which logs to drag without fear that you will break it. Overall impression is good, but there are small schools which do not affect the process of catching, but for the price I wanted to avoid it, it concerns build quality - the reel seat there is a gap on one side between the plastic and neoprene handle, trim the bottom of the handle where the logo limited edition scratched on any surface, it would be better made of rubber, rings are good but glued also so-so, who loves to tackle look aesthetically pleasing will be disappointed, but I repeat that the process of fishing is not affected. The performance spinning can be called universal (in the class), works not only with lead, with crankbaits is also doing well, despite the long jig handle. The coil it is better to put the weight from 310 to 350 grams, $ 3000-4000 on the beach, (too heavy) but otherwise the balance of gear will not.
Denis Bocharnikov 30.01.2017
Good day! If the choice is between "Predator" and "Ressens" is comparable to the growth test, what to prefer? Judging by the descriptions Stroy they have similar power about the same, what's the difference? Which one is for what conditions is preferable?
Team AikoStore 30.01.2017
Good afternoon. ReSSens - a series of spinning rods designed for jig fishing, but will also allow you to expand your horizons with drive pin snap-ins and an oversized lures. Features of the rod are: the supply of power and indestructibility, the extraordinary range, a fast system, average rigidity, high sensitivity, and confident work during playing. ARSENAL - spinning sharpened fishing jig. Spinning rods have complex systems - fast static and medium-fast dynamics, which allows long and accurate casts, and working and playing his hard butt great work, both on the transaction and on the fish.
Denis Kobelev 02.01.2017
What ring size? What is the Tulip? Determined for salmon... I Live on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Team AikoStore 11.01.2017
Good afternoon. The spinning reel is perfect for salmon fishing, spinning set ring Korean company KIGAN Series KIGAN 3D ZH. Inboard ring internal diameter 20 mm. Tulip inner diameter of 5 mm.
Dmitry 28.11.2016
What line wt lb?
Team AikoStore 28.11.2016
Good afternoon. Line wt 10-20 lb.

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