Spinning Aiko Valkyrja 782L VAL (VAL 782L)

Model: Valkyrja
Code: 111-521
Спиннинг Aiko Valkyrja VAL 782L
Спиннинг Aiko Valkyrja VAL 782L
Спиннинг Aiko Valkyrja VAL 782L
Спиннинг Aiko Valkyrja VAL 782L
Спиннинг Aiko Valkyrja VAL 782L


This series of rods designed for all sorts of jig fishing, is a kind of continuation of the famous and iconic series Arsenal.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
5 - 16
Test fishing line
4 - 10
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Reel seat
The type of fishing
Jigs', Spinning
The object of fishing
ASP, Sudak, pike, perch
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

This series of rods designed for all sorts of jig fishing, is a kind of continuation of the famous and iconic series Arsenal.

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Spinning Aiko Valkyrja VAL 782LVAL 782L€182.65Buy
Spinning Aiko Valkyrja VAL 802MLVAL 802ML€185.72Buy
Spinning Aiko Valkyrja VAL 852MVAL 852M-
Spinning Aiko Valkyrja VAL 892MVAL 892M€188.79Buy
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Sergey 20.05.2016
Hello on this rod you can put a regular bezinertsionnaja coil ?
Team AikoStore 20.05.2016
Good afternoon, Sergey! Yes, of course.
Alexander 17.05.2016
Is the upper knee to Valkyrie test 9-24????
Team AikoStore 17.05.2016
Good day, Alexander! In stock you can order.
Peter 12.02.2016
Dmitri, I think that we should not blackmail the seller, ugly somehow, the threat of posting on YouTube, you just had to write an email to the seller. Well, Russian language is correct, it would not hurt.
Dmitry 71ru 07.12.2015
Recently took after the Arsenal-the way they stay happy,stick in the higher price categories have Aiko when getting in the dark especially to consider all failed but then on closer inspection found the schools expensive copy products: splice points of the knees are not the same (I would not put them once so crooked all),feeling that the first ring is crooked in relation to the reel seat,there are uneven flows of varnish on the rings,there are dents on the eve of the handle is small-in short, all the buzz and satisfaction deteriorated,to the reservoir until the test-apparently it is necessary to sit back while a virgin. I wonder how the employees would react to that message ,whether to keep the face of the company?))).Hurry up guys,I'm going to do a review on YouTube in the next time, as well as reviews on ako is not a lot that I think will add to the negative office. order No. А008240 from 28.11.2015.
Team AikoStore 07.12.2015
Dmitry, good day! Aiko the company strictly monitors the quality of its products. We, as the official online store of Aiko performed all of the rules of return and exchange of products. Whatever was the problem - we will help you to solve it. Unsubscribed to your email.
Vitaly 24.04.2015
If you like jig fishing, this spinning for you. This model Aiko Valkyrja VAL 782L has cool features. Great tool for fishing in the style of a JIG. Here is a skeletal Fuji reel seat and ZH ring with inset ZirconiaBlue. For the spinning you will be able to catch different sized fish and have fun.

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Удачная рыбалка (дата публикации 15.10.2016, Лушков Сергей Александрович, http://rnarod.su/ovkh_segodnya_nemnogo_poradovalo14311/)


Первое место на выставке — Aiko Valkyrja (источник aikofish.ru, http://aikofish.ru/news/pervoe-mesto-na-vystavke-aiko-valkyrja/).


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