Spinning Aiko Troutex TRO173UL (TRO173UL)

Model: Troutex
Code: 111-421
Спиннинг Aiko Troutex TRO173UL


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a Series of trout spinning rods.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
0.4 - 4
Test fishing line
0.4 - 2
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Spinning, Trolling
The object of fishing
roach, trout
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing

Spinning rods series Troutex can be called one of the best tools for fishing trout and Chub, and they are perfectly suited for perch or small pike.

This series includes 3 modifications of rods . These rods cope well with a variety of lures such as spinner, microclimate, turntables, silicone bait, and small crank. In addition, these spinning rods can be used to “mortising”

With regard to the characteristics, spinning rods made of graphite IM7, equipped with protivopolozhnymi rings SIC, the handle is made of material EVA, a great addition will be located adjacent Hook Keeper to secure the bait during transition through the waters. All these options allow you to use the spinning at any time of the year, including adverse weather conditions.

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Mikhail Denisov 14.03.2019
Good time of day. Tell me, how to purchase a spare tip to TRO173UL
Team AikoStore 14.03.2019
Michael, good day! Please contact us by phone or email. Order.
Team AikoStore 14.03.2019
Good day, Mahmoud! Please contact us by phone or mail order.
Mahmud 06.03.2019
Hello! And you can buy blank Aiko Troutex TRO173UL?
Nicholas 08.11.2017
Have razormaid
Nikita 20.04.2017
Tell me, and the top spare parts will be on this model?
Cyril 12.10.2016
Hello! What stick will work better for Chub AIKO AIKO Troutex or Bellis? Thank you
Maxim マキシム bukhanov 11.09.2016
If sold separately the top of this spinning?
Nikolay Krivozubov 29.04.2016
Passed through my hands for 3 trutex - one donated by the wife, the father the second and now third bought. Today, almost tackled bream more than 3 kg. Took the fan number 1 honest mouth and trutex 0.4-4 grams of it for 5 minutes, taken away on the cord #0.3, but I jumped too early and was his to take - as the result of a broken hook. Trutex offset 100%
Dim 29.02.2016
Hello. When the delivery Troutex 173? I wish to purchase it.

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