Spinning Aiko Snakegun SNA240MH (SNA240MH)

Model: Snakegun
Code: 111-441
Спиннинг Aiko Snakegun SNA240MH


  • 10 - 42
  • 12 - 46

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Main characteristics
Test bait
10 - 42
Test fishing line
12 - 25
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
The type of fishing
Jigs', Spinning
The object of fishing
Sudak, som, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

The Korean manufacturer of fishing products Aiko has released a new series of spinning rods Snakegun. Lineup Snakegun presented in two versions: long and 2.40 m with the test 10-42 gr. and 2.70 m with the test 12-46 oz. Rod blank made from high modulus IM8 graphite material light, strong SiC rings. The handle of the spinning reel posted made from modern heavy-duty, lightweight EVA material that provides maximum comfortable position of spinning in the hand.

Rod is characterized by ultra-fast systems and a sufficient margin of safety, thus able to withstand difficult, extreme conditions. Moreover, the spinning reel has good sensitivity and poilitely. This model is best suited for heavy jigs-baits and spinners. With it, you will distinctly feel all the irregularities of the bottom of the reservoir, precise control of the lure, promptly and reliably producing cutting fish after a take.

Spinnings Aiko series Snakegun in full measure will appreciate the fans of trophy fishing for which it will be indispensable in their favorite sport.

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Spinning Aiko Snakegun SNA240MHSNA240MH-
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Pavel Titov 20.04.2016
Purchased in length and 240 to the Volga. Cool the rod. Throws far. Chuikov: solid on the bottom with the weight of 28гр in the hand beats well, you can catch with your eyes closed. For the jig it.
Andrew Is Gay 25.04.2015
Very good rod in this spinning, light, well-bend, which helps when casting. Also the shape of the handle contributed to the easy throw. Used it mostly on the Volga, has shown itself perfectly and deep-water areas and on average, the catch was a five! Of course the price is a bit high, but believe me it's worth it to fish this spinning pleasure!)

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