Spinning Aiko Nervus NRV215ML (NRV215ML)

Model: Nervus
Code: 111-104
Спиннинг Aiko Nervus NRV215ML


  • 2 - 14
  • 3 - 16
  • 4 - 18
  • 5 - 32
  • 7 - 42

a Series of budget rods that meet the most stringent requirements.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
2 - 14
Test fishing line
2 - 8
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Jigs', Ultralight, Microjy, Wagon
Transport length
The type of fishing
Spinning, Jigs', Microjy, Ultralight, Universal
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Nervus - a series of budget rods that meet the most stringent requirements. With low weight, high sensitivity and powerful a limiting resource, these spinning rods are perfect for catching a variety of predator and will be in demand for both experienced and novice anglers.

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Jasik ... 21.08.2016
Tell me what would be more appropriate for fishing with spoon lures and jigs?
Alexander Maximov 16.07.2016
An excellent budget for twiching spinning and jig fishing for more than 6 months. Overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfouydNGA2I
Alexander Maximov 15.07.2016
Super spinning fishing now for about 6 months. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfI3jNaArhg
Constantine 30.06.2016
perhaps when uncoupled you held the second bend and therefore the rod broke?but in General I do not know.I spent a year trying to kill this spinning(I have a 255 model) walleye 1.8 threw in the boat,pike 2.6 put on the tail(in a boat to throw still afraid)threw jigs weighing 35 g+bait,fished in the cold and he stood.I have at a hook in the reeds on the casting broke my salmon rod with a test to 65 Gy in 4 places,so I don't know who's says he's fragile and not advised for beginners, you really did not catch fragile rods.yeah Stroy is quite a bit labsafety-but this does not affect proscanie fish,fish to it "sticks"well.sensitivity is also more than level.generally, if you are a beginner is your spinning.and I went to bully him further)))
Eugene 23.04.2016
The day before yesterday that spin had died a heroic death on the Lower Volga. And not from the vodka and colds, and from the banal hook. The tip of the rod broke between the first and second rings while trying to unhook the hook from Bush. A site inspection of calving showed a strong fatigue of the form. A friend saw and exfoliation anti-slip layer on the rings. Although I personally stick to this point rather satisfied than not. Only infuriated by the moronic design of the Tulip, in which a cord at zabrose over the head are virtually guaranteed clung, it is unclear what the devil made the step on the outside of the Tulip and Hello, overlap. Where the fracture did not understand. Transported in a tube and the case. Fifth fishing each week. Kept the house warm. Not advancing, not pounded. The fracture complex is not subject to restoration. The remains of the back left on the basis of "Shambay-97".
Andrew 28.11.2015
Bought in your store spinning with the test 2-14 about a year. Spinning good. But broke the tip. Waiting for her in the sale for about a year. Very sad. You start to think, intentionally did not deliver, that would buy a new one.
Yuri 05.11.2015
Bought for settling a light jig on small rivers with the test from 2 to 14 g. Pleased with broccoletti. Clearly to work out in calm weather the tip begins from 6 g. was happy until the hooked bait when casting for the reeds. The stick snapped like a twig at the base of the second knee (although the pull was not as strong). The margin of safety for non-professionals is too small. Among the spare tips in selling my model no more than 6 months.
Igor 13.06.2015
A great wand. Bought it in late 2014 with the test 2-14. Well vyvazhivat fish; the transaction very well in the hand. Now ordered the same the second rod. For me personally it is a very good fit.
Vitaly 22.04.2015
For my money, spinning is really worthwhile. But you have to be prepared for the fact that it is quite heavy. Still beginners I would advise not. Took it again in that year, much more than now the price here, so sit lament, heh. Even with the large aggressive pike no problem. When you hold the rod in your hand, you feel that a thing tangible and serious. Would advise fishermen who are aware of their capabilities well.
Roman 12.03.2015
Good time of day. Interesting this stick growth 235. I would like to know, why is it such a big weight? How it behaves when twitch 10g crankbaits minnow type? Why the 4 rating? If labsafety system? In General I would like more information. In the Internet skudnenko about it. Thank you.

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