Spinning Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-T (Mr-II-215L-T)

Model: Margarita II
Code: 111-224
Спиннинг Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-T
Спиннинг Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-T
Спиннинг Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-T
Спиннинг Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-T
Спиннинг Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-T
Спиннинг Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-T


Light, clear spinning. Good in the hand. Has high accuracy and casting distance.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
1 - 12
Test fishing line
1 - 12
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Spinning, Universal
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore
Margarita II

Fishing-rod Aiko Margarita II - fragile in appearance, but powerful in spinning. This is a great and well-known ultralight universal with a slope in an easy jig for fishing mostly small lures.

Aiko Margarita II is a beautiful wand with a pleasant design, it is made in dark tones with lilac purple accents. Posted a short handle with an ergonomic reel seat fits well in the hand, with her reflux it is convenient to carry with one hand. Hand will not be tired even when performing aggressive animations.

Soft touch EVA handle complements the cork insert. Ceramic rings Fuji Alconite resist the friction and the appearance of any burrs, which increases the service life of the rod. Rings are located so that to achieve high sensitivity and transmit all information through the cord to the form.

The spinning rod blank is made of graphite material and IM9 has a decent amount of power that can extinguish the jerks predator. System of a spinning - fast. The Tubular tip gives you total flexibility and the opportunity to make jerk jig transaction.



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Spinning Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-205UL-TMr-II-205UL-T€72.66Buy
Spinning Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215L-TMr-II-215L-T-
Spinning Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-215UL-SMr-II-215UL-S€48.49Buy
Spinning Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-225L-TMr-II-225L-T-
Spinning Aiko Margarita II Mr-II-235ML-TMr-II-235ML-T-
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Nikolay Olegovich 03.07.2015
Recently bought this spinning rod to hunt for bass. After a few fishing trips do not regret the purchase, but rather fully satisfied. Very light, sharp and sensitive. Perfect for catching on wobblers and spinners. Also tried to fish on jig baits, and, in General, was satisfied. Price of the spinning maybe not everyone will be satisfied, but, in my opinion, it is worth the money. Very solidly made, good hardware, high-quality coverage of the form and great performance.

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твичинг по ветлужски 2 (Вадим Сахалинец, дата публикации 05.08.2013, https://komiss-vadim.spinningline.ru/2013/08/05/tviching-po-vetluzhski-2).




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