Spinning Aiko Butch 190M BTC (BTC 190M)

Model: Butch
Code: 111-503
Спиннинг Aiko Butch BTC 190M
Спиннинг Aiko Butch BTC 190M
Спиннинг Aiko Butch BTC 190M


Spinning with the hard tip and powerful butt is the ideal choice for microrack. For the spinning you can raise the pike up to 2 kg without any worries!

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Main characteristics
Test bait
7 - 36
Test fishing line
10 - 22
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Reel seat
The type of fishing
Spinning, Teachingby, Mortising
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Spinnings Aiko Butch is truly the best tools for twitch. Unhurried, unique small Rybacki that perfectly fulfills the rod just drives pike and other fish crazy. Models short, ultra-light, which contributes to less hand fatigue during long trips. The rod is made in the traditional style, but have a mount under the usual spinning reels, which is very popular among Russian fishermen. Sticks are long-range casting and demonstrate during the catching of the fish.

Spinning rods have spygate connection of the knees, which is very important when working with rynkovyi lures as spinning at twikiroot fishing is a constant shock. Short, ergonomic handle, which is convenient to make a jerk movement, is made of reliable, durable EVA material. Also the butt of the spinning rod has a conical shape that allows to tear out the middle perch and pike right from the moss.

Equipped with rings SiC, placed on the KR concept. This arrangement reduces the order of the runout of the cord on the forms, but also allows you to "lay down" the bait more accurately, making the casting far enough.

The main advantages of this range of spinning rods:

  1. When Kolovesi Aiko Butch loaded perfectly on the cast. Spinning as quickly and strongly enough disperse Wobbler at the beginning of the movement, sending the bait at a decent distance.
  2. All models are not the long,lean bars and a very lively tip.
  3. The possibility of animation of any twikiroot transaction.
  4. Small size, light weight SiC rings and placing them on the KR-concept eliminate parasitic vibrations of a spinning and prevent sahrastani cord at zabrose.
  5. Reel seat Korean production with a reliable top of the nut, the relentless posting and when casting.

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Spinning Aiko Butch BTC 175LBTC 175L-
Spinning Aiko Butch BTC 185MLBTC 185ML-
Spinning Aiko Butch BTC 190MBTC 190M€50.37Buy
Spinning Aiko Butch BTC 205MLBTC 205ML€43.55Buy
Spinning Aiko Butch Pro 195 MC-€54.28Buy
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Vlad Plovers 07.02.2015
And what series spinning Butch developed a definite twitch?(universalists do not accept...)
Team AikoStore 09.02.2015
The entire series of spinning rods designed under specialized Butch twitch.
Team AikoStore 09.09.2014
Dmitry, the answer above.
Dmitry 07.09.2014
I mean Butch 185?
Team AikoStore 09.09.2014
Yes, the jig will fit. But more suitable for twiching. For a jig it is better to look at specialized sticks - Espada, Harpija, Diestro
Dmitry 07.09.2014
And for jig suitable wand?
Alexander Galtsov 19.06.2014
Thanks, but I meant - what specific model of spinning from the Butch can be used for twiching Rudra or Honey? Guaranteed and not at the upper end of the test rod...
Team AikoStore 20.06.2014
Alexander, best of all, in this case, fit Butch 190.
Alexander Galtsov 18.06.2014
What model would you advise for twitch of lures of the type of Rudra 130? Guaranteed! ;)
Team AikoStore 19.06.2014
Alexander, good day! Model Honey - perfect for twitching. Guarantees for the biting, of course, can not be, for this we love fishing, but this is definitely one of the most popular megabass lures. You can see it here http://aikostore.ru/wobblers/114-0508.html

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