Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-185L (BAL-II-185L)

Model: Baltasar II
Code: 111-121
Спиннинг Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-185L
Спиннинг Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-185L
Спиннинг Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-185L
Спиннинг Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-185L
Спиннинг Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-185L


Aiko Baltasar II is a lightweight, ergonomic cushions with high sensitivity, designed for jerk baits transaction volume.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
2 - 16
Test fishing line
4 - 14
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Teachingby, Spinning
The object of fishing
ASP, carp, bream, roach, roach, Sudak, pike, perch
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore
Baltasar II

Aiko Baltasar II spinning rods, which are primarily designed for jerk, teachingby transaction volume of lures, but in addition, they are used for the drive pin and snap-jig. The handle of spaced rods made from neoprene.

  • - spinning rods have ultra-fast system (extrafast), and astonishingly poilitely.
  • - the spinning rings have a modern high quality Y series from the Japanese leader Fuji Alconite inserts.
  • - thin, very responsive tip.
  • - equipped with katushkoderzhatelem as a conventional and baitcasting reel.

Baltasar II series is a line of quality reels, made of vysokomodulnogo graphite IM9. With spinning series Baltasar you will be able to fully control and enjoy fishing on crankbaits and jerky.


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Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-185LBAL-II-185L€92.58Buy
Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-195MLBAL-II-195ML€98.86Buy
Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-196M-CBAL-II-196M-C-
Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-205MBAL-II-205M-
Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-206MH-CBAL-II-206MH-C-
Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II 215MLBAL-II-215ML€110.71Buy
Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-225MBAL-II-225M-
Spinning Aiko Baltasar II BAL-II-230MBAL-II-230M-
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Sabir 08.04.2017
I have also collapsed, probably me too spinnings Aiko not to give up.
Team AikoStore 10.04.2017
Good afternoon. Please send to our email, information when and where you purchased your spinning. Photography, closeup, broken reel seat, to determine the cause of the incident.
Andrew 20.03.2017
Good afternoon. Choose between Oberon and Baltasar II 6-32 7-32. At the moment these fly rods. Tell me when you will be on the shelves?
Team AikoStore 20.03.2017
Good afternoon. The exact date of arrival yet. Send your contacts to our email as soon as the desired position is available, be sure to call You.
Sergey Privalov 27.12.2016
Good day. Please tell me how much you can overload baltasar2 test 2-14
Team AikoStore 28.12.2016
Good afternoon. The manufacturer recommends that you do not overload the spinning. If there is a "production need" - depth and current require more than the test allowed, bait may be exceeded on test 10 %.
Andrew 30.11.2016
Thank you very much for the reply
Andrew 30.11.2016
Hello. Please tell me, Baltasar II BAL-II-205M will still be delivered? And yet, if it is suitable for twiching 130-x crankbaits, like Rudra and balisong, or should I watch something else? What?
Team AikoStore 30.11.2016
Good afternoon. Spinning BAL Baltasar II-II-205M fits twiching 130-x crankbaits, delivery is scheduled, You may be interested in the spinning: JACKSON Butch 190M BTC (BTC 190M) - code by site 111-503, AIKO Oberon 5102M (OBR5102M) - code by site 111-641, AIKO Oberon 602M (OBR602M) - code by site 111-642, AIKO Baltasar II BAL-II 215ML (BAL-II 215ML) - code by site 111-126.
Vladimir 03.10.2016
Hello! Want to buy spinning Aiko Baltasar 2 bal 2 225 M c test 3 - 26 gr. When expected arrival?

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