Wobbler TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 053 (210926)

Model: Zhgun 95F
Code: 2001-1064
Воблер TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 053
Воблер TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 053
Воблер TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 053

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Main characteristics
Color code
Zhgun 95F
Description Model ZHGUN 95F from TsuYoki is a rare sight crankbaits - minnow bladeless.Has a length of 95 mm, weight 9.5 g, plavuse. With a magnetic long cast system. Flies far and accurately, somersaulting in the air. The role zaglubljajutsja shovels in the crank performs a kind of protruding lower lip. It is clear that ZHGUN 95F a diver, to bury his more than 50 cm is problematic, and it is not necessary. Wobbler is designed to work with surface water or shallow watering ponds with sparse vegetation. Essential in early spring when starving after spawning the pike in search of victims to warmed up first broke. Wobbler is not whimsical to the animation, works both on twitch and on a straight-line transaction. When twitch is better to use short, strong jerks. When the rod Wobbler simulates feeding in the water column carefree, so careless from the point of view of a predator, the fry, which is easy pickings. The model is equipped with VMC hooks and weight clockwork rings, designed for catching pike and perch.

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Wobbler TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 053
Воблер TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 053
Wobbler TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 056
Воблер TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 056
Wobbler TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 405
Воблер TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 405
Wobbler TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 407
Воблер TsuYoki ZHGUN 95F 407
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