Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 051 (213190)

Model: Vika 90S
Code: 2001-1192
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 051

Color code:

  • Fifty one
  • 072R
  • 199
  • 207R
  • 234
  • 413B
  • 413F
  • 434O
  • 435R
  • Six hundred one
  • Six hundred fourteen
  • Six hundred forty five
  • Six hundred seventy nine
  • Six hundred eighty
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Main characteristics
Color code
Vika 90S
Description Wobbler TsuYoki Vika pike, rattlin, is equally well adapted for fishing in summer and winter seasons. Distinctive bladeless design is assembled on a carefully crafted corpus with curved contours, high profile, flat sides and a thickness and volume from the tail to the head part. Mounting loop on the back shifted forward, which in combination with alignment lifts his head and creates the illusion of a pop-up fry in search of food. A large mass of crank TsuYoki Vika provides good flight properties, despite a decent windage. Effective feed options when using the casting are ravnomerno and animation step. In the first embodiment, it is recommended to vary the speed depending on depth. In the upper horizon of confident control over the bait will provide a high-speed PREROLL. At great depths the speed can be reduced without consequences for the attractiveness of the game. In both cases, it is desirable to Supplement the animation short otbrosami, which will increase the visual visibility. Wobbler TsuYoki Vika will show good results on the step, when the alternating winding and the pause takes into account the activity production. The slow pace of winding is sufficient for an active bite. More frequent winding suitable for irritation lazy predator. An essential part of this method of animation is the pause of a few seconds fall to the bottom. This will give the predator time to prepare to attack and pick up, rattling on the rise.

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Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 051
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 051
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 072R
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 072R
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 199
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 199
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 207R
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 207R
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 234
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 234
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 413B
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 413B
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 413F
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 413F
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 434O
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 434O
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 435R
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 435R
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 601
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 601
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 614
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 614
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 645
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 645
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 679
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 679
Wobbler TsuYoki VIKA 90S 680
Воблер TsuYoki VIKA 90S 680
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