Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 050 (213141)

Model: Kruger 75F
Code: 2001-1286
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 050

Color code:

  • Fifty
  • Seventy two
  • Ninety
  • Four hundred four
  • Four hundred forty one
  • Six hundred one
  • Six hundred fifty
  • Six hundred seventy seven
  • Six hundred seventy eight
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Main characteristics
Color code
Shad finds
Kruger 75F
Description This shed has a unique appearance. It combines body geometry rattlin and a plastic blade. Its high body from a distance, strongly resembles the form of domestic carp, which is the main forage fish for most predators. The surface of the housing of the crank TsuYoki Kruger has a simulation of this scale. While it is made by two different textures in the upper part of the body rhombic notches in the lower oblique lines, separated by a side line. The head part of the crank TsuYoki Kruger has realistic Gill cover and a large volume of the eye. Combined with high-quality paint coating, which has a wide color range, this model shed very realistic. The model number there are several holographic colors, which at the time of posting glare on the sun. Rhombic body shape shade not the best in terms of aerodynamics, but with the system long casting, lure TsuYoki Kruger has acceptable performance range (up to 30 metres). As for animation, this model is suitable for any known type of transaction. Uniform wiring causes the lure to swing in a vertical plane with simultaneous yaw of the body in the horizontal direction. On dash animations sada observed alive, active player - he turns 90 degrees with a noticeable shiver. Depending on the level of penetration, Wobbler TsuYoki Kruger well-lures pike-deltoides from her hiding place.

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Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 050
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 050
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 072
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 072
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 090 75F
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 090
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 404
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 404
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 441
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 441
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 601
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 601
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 650
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 650
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 677
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 677
Wobbler TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 678
Воблер TsuYoki KRUGER 75F 678
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