Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 056 (211252)

Model: Gera 130Sp
Code: 2000-9975
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 056
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 056
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 056
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 056

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  • Fifty six
  • Seventy two
  • 072R
  • Two hundred
  • Two hundred one
  • Four hundred three
  • Four hundred twenty
  • Four hundred twenty four
  • Four hundred thirty nine
  • Four hundred forty one
  • Two thousand five hundred forty three
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Main characteristics
Color code
Gera 130Sp
Description Wobbler GERA 130SP we also belong to the group of lures "big minnow". This model was originally developed and constructed as a Wobbler is a search engine for catching serious trophy fish at extremely long distances, it is No secret that every meter of the water surface, won by spinning in the pond significantly increases the chances of catching a cautious trophy. Far casts contributes to aerodynamic body shape, a small shovel and a magnetic casting system, the internal balancing of the crank. GERA 130SP from TsuYoki has its own game,but for the active search predator method-twitching,still preferable. Aggressive, twiching with the recoil cord GERA 130SP shows the infamous "Christmas tree" lazy "rolling", and leaving aside for 2-3 hull and buried while at 1.0-1.2 meters, depending on the thickness of the cord. Moreover, the nature of the game does not change from the long haul, we need only remember that in the far distance of a lure must be more sweeping movements of the rod. The scope of this bait is very broad, and fishing from the shore and fishing on the big water areas, wherever the need far and that much important, accurate throw. The main trophies of this model is not only pike and perch and a Chub, and not only the boiler, but also Matera,a cautious loner. Wobblers are equipped with VMC hooks, power rings, made of durable plastic.

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Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 056
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 056
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 072
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 072
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 072R
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 072R
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 200
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 200
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 201
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 201
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 2543
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 2543
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 403
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 403
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 420
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 420
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 424
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 424
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 439
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 439
Wobbler TsuYoki GERA 130SP 441
Воблер TsuYoki GERA 130SP 441
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