Wobbler Yoda Wobbler Strike Pro 50 of 7.6 g of 1.0-2.0 m. A208S (JS-393#A70-713)

Model: Magnum Loach 70
Code: 2000-6939

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Strike Pro
Magnum Loach 70
Description Crankbait Magnum Loach 70 from the company Zuri has negative buoyancy and is designed to perform far casts. The lure is the loading of tungsten in the front and rear of the lure, which gives him excellent casting distance. Thanks okrujenii the back, Wobbler flies strictly backwards, without spins, and tumbling. On the back of both segments of the lure is a small fin. Eyelet for attaching fishing line is situated with a slight tilt down to increase the amplitude of oscillation. Wobbler is equipped with two sharp treble hooks Owner. The body of the lure also has a realistic simulation of scales and expressive, bright eyes. At even leading, the lure has a stable high frequency game very closely simulates a live fish. Very seductive, he plays soft twiching. The lure is very stable even on heavily played course. Fast and compact crankbaits series Magnum Loach are great for catching active fish. They caught pike, perch, ASP, Chub and even trout.

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