Wobbler Strike Pro Tornado Vibe 65 Sinking 14.5 g Fluo A172FL (EG-140A-SP#140E)

Model: Trailer 100
Code: 2000-6808
Воблер Strike Pro Tornado Vibe 65 Тонущий 14.5 г Fluo A172FL

Color code: 140E

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0.5 - 3.5
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Strike Pro
Trailer 100
Description At first glance, Wobbler Strike Pro Trailer 100 is a simple minnow with a slightly enlarged head portion and a tapered narrow tail. However, this is not the usual bait. The exhibition EFTTEX in 2011, this seemingly ordinary Wobbler have attracted great attention from experts and the fishermen. The singularity of "trailer" in that it is equipped with a special cavity located in the lower part of the front of the front tee. It is placed in a special capsule where it is possible to arrange a special attractant in tablet form, strongly attracting the predator. Wobbler Strike Pro Trailer 100 is supplied together with the tweezers, which are designed to extract the cavity and attractive "pills". When they are finished, additionally you can buy the attractant to recharge your fishing stock. In water, the liner begins to dissolve and react with water. Released when the train not only excites the appetite of predatory fish, but also mimics the blood trail, how could leave a wounded fish. After several transactions following the same path the fragrance will be able to reach the shelter and to entice cautious predator. Apply attractive liner lure Strike Pro Trailer 100 is recommended selectively. In the case when the fish are active, or good manifests itself by permanent outs and bursts on the surface, the use of tablets is not required. It is needed only when we found a Parking spot a predator or it is known that in this place dwells the pike or other predatory fish. Then the wiring should be changed, using instead the short pauses longer, so that the substance reached the receptors of fish and provoke it to attack. That is why all variations of this model is made in a floating neutral. The Strike Pro Trailer lure 100, due to the possibility of using this attractant, it is recommended to use two types of games. First – when the bait is not placed "tablet", and minnow is used as a classic suspender with different types of uniform transactions, stop-and-go and twiching. Here the angler will have to choose the style, from my own experience and situation on the pond. In the second case, when using the attractant and Parking fish is already defined, you must allow the lure Strike Pro Trailer 100 as much time as possible to be in a potential bite. The technique will have to change to the opposite – you need a sharp short jerks to make the lure scour with large deviations from the axis of motion in one place. The value of pauses in this case would be proportional to the number of bites. Wobbler Strike Pro Trailer 100 due to its rather broad blades are very well deepens. His horizon in some cases reaches three meters. This allows you to effectively catch them on all waters with medium and relatively large depths. Since the chances of catching big pike, the use of metal leash is required. At a certain thickness and length of steel wire to achieve the perfect balance, when "trailer" is not flowed and not sink. In the palette crankbaits Strike Pro Trailer 100 has a small number of colorings, but for the minnow, they are selected in such a way that they were the most noticeable, even in a highly turbid reservoir, and the predator the impression that it injured or damaged fish. The coating is made with special care and attention to detail, it resists sharp teeth of pike, allowing you to leave only small scratches. Minnow even with frequent and effective use is able to last for one season. Wobbler Strike Pro Trailer 100, with the obvious advantages, has a relatively low price. For the spinner with any budget is not difficult to purchase one or a few lures. Angler receives not only efficient but a great opportunity to finally "Dolomiti" the pike, which are not given on the specific area of the reservoir.

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Wobbler Strike Pro Tornado Vibe 65 Sinking 14.5 g Fluo A172FL
Воблер Strike Pro Tornado Vibe 65 Тонущий 14.5 г Fluo A172FL
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