Wobbler Strike Pro Slinky Minnow 75F 6 g. of 0-0. 2 m A010 (EG-173A#A010)

Model: Slinky Minnow 75F
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Slinky Minnow
Strike Pro
Slinky Minnow 75F
Description The Slinky Minnow lures have an unusual appearance, design and play. This is what makes these lures sharply different from all the other crankbaits. Wobblers are so precisely mimic a fleeing and wounded fish that the predatory effect on fish at the level of reflexes. Slinky Minnow is purely a floating bait with a stationary ogruzka. Last located in the lower part with two sides from the ventral hook that allows the lure to more clearly draw a picture of the game laid down by the manufacturer. Slinky Minnow is a thin, elongated, slightly flattened body bananabrandy forms where his nose is inclined to the side at an angle of about 45 degrees. Thanks to these design features of the bait reaches of his game. If the Slinky Minnow to pull, he immediately arc will dive down and to the side. In a free position is on the surface horizontally, his nose while tilted down. Uniform is the main wiring for the crank, but it is very in demand in those places where you need to quickly localize the Parking lot of a predator. On a uniform wiring Wobbler demonstrates quite rhythmic, repeated game. The main wiring for the Slinky Minnow is twitching. It is on the jerks he is able to fully disclose the potential inherent in a. On twikiroot wiring Wobbler begins to move like a real live fish, which is either wounded or sick. The lure is short and convulsive. The bait on every jerk sharply dives down and to the side, with the tail in the water describes a semicircle. The impact of the Slinky Minnow fish is in the path of motion of these lures. When the real fry is escaping a predator, he always try to make a sharp turn and, as if to leave the line of attack. If you do spasmodic jerks, the Slinky Minnow shows the same curves, but with the elements of controlled chaos. Bait such as would periodically break from the game and makes unpredictable movements. This transaction simulates a mortally wounded fish that is normal and predictable move. Despite the ability to perform different transactions, the Slinky Minnow is best fishes on a rather soft, rhythmic ramochkah with short breaks. This allows these lures very slowly, causing a passive fish to attack. The Slinky Minnow floating lure, so it is not necessary to pause between jerks great duration, enough a maximum of 1 sec. In the perspective places you can get to play the bait right on the surface almost at the same place, with a very slow moving horizontally. Despite the fact that the bait is presented only in a floating variant using self-adhesive weights suspendata, the buoyancy of the lure can be changed. It is especially useful to give the Slinky Minnow neutral buoyancy. Weights it is best to stick to the belly of the bait is strictly opposite to the fixed domestic shipping on both sides of the Central tee. Slinky Minnow with neutral buoyancy can be performed with very long pauses. Slinky Minnow is designed to surprise the fish and to attract her attention. It perfectly caught pike, perch and night walleye on the river shoals and stony ridges shallow lakes and reservoirs. Great Slinky reacts to Minnow brook and pond trout.

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