Wobbler megabass SHUTTLE 120F, color 009

Model: SHUTTLE 120F
Code: 1950-1101
Воблер Aiko SHUTTLE 120F, цвет 009

Color code:

  • Nine
  • 14
  • 27
  • 44

Size: 120

Catchability baits Jackall Shuttle 120 F with high frequency and middle game depth, perfect for catching spinning in deep lakes, reservoirs. Will become one of the indispensable in...
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Main characteristics
0.5 - 2.5
Color code
The object of fishing
pike, Sudak, som
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The type of bait
Type of game

Wobbler megabass Shuttle 120 F a typical bulk wave of the wand the high frequency krenk own game and deep blade with medium penetration. Bulk body resembles a fat carp or white bream. Noise due to cameras located in the body of the lure, Wobbler has an amazing acoustic effect, which is well captured predatory fish and lures her from a distance.

The scope of the bait is deep ponds and lakes, rivers and streams, and reservoirs, the main feature of which is the presence of a sharp vertical edge, which actually is supposed to catch a Shuttle crank 120 F, because not every Wobbler is able to break through the horizon of the working depth of three meters, and demonstrated a good efficiency and stable high frequency game.

The main objects of fishing are pike, big Zanders and catfish. Catch crank this model, as in casting, spinning and trolling method the fishing boat. And if you use Aiko Shuttle 120 F, as a trolling lure, it is possible to sh as well as eyebrows and pits, and in this type of fishing often come across very well-fed specimens of predatory fish.

Wobbler are easy to learn, requires no additional animation during the implementation of the transaction, has a stable game even on a strong current and great depth.

Another way of presenting this model is a uniform wiring with pauses in which Aiko Shuttle 120 F rise to the surface and appetizing wagging from side to side. Perfect for catching of a large predator, like spinning and trolling tackle.

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Wobbler megabass SHUTTLE 120F, color 009
Воблер Aiko SHUTTLE 120F, цвет 009
Wobbler megabass SHUTTLE 120F, color 014
Воблер Aiko SHUTTLE 120F, цвет 014
Wobbler megabass SHUTTLE 120F, color 027
Воблер Aiko SHUTTLE 120F, цвет 027
Wobbler megabass SHUTTLE 120F, color 044
Воблер Aiko SHUTTLE 120F, цвет 044
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