Wobbler megabass CASPER 40S, color 003

Model: CASPER 40S
Code: 1950-0801
Воблер Aiko CASPER 40S, цвет 003

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Size: 40

Small Wobbler Jackall Casper 40 S has the shape of a shed, therefore, resembles a well-fed younger fry, which are active hunting predators like perch, Chub and ASP.
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Chub, IDE, pike, perch, Sudak, trout, ASP
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Small valleron 40 S Jackson Casper has the shape of a shed, therefore, resembles a well-fed younger fry, which are active hunting predators like perch, Chub and ASP.

Wobbler is made in a sinking variant, because of this them very successfully to examine the alleged Parking lots for river and lake predators, mutki and holes on the edge of the current, and the input and output with fast rolling.

This lure keeps excellent job on the course, not break and collapses on its side at the time of posting, thanks to the special balancing of the internal channels and the ogruzka.

In a fast-moving shoals of the main objects of fishing are Chub and ASP, which Casper 40's very successful lures for the bite, when using the usual uniform wiring.

This model of the lure can be fished ticinovic (dash) wiring, in which he makes wild and chaotic motion with different amplitude stops, reminding predators of a wounded small fish, flopping about. Predatory fish have an instinct, inherent nature, and it attacks the alleged victim without delay.

Often under dash wiring on this lure caught perch and big pike. Pond and river trout is not indifferent to the lure Jackson Casper 40's, it is very difficult to resist the temptation to attack such a small and nimble fry, straying from the pack.

The main methods of fishing that are vallarca stop-and-go, steady wiring, and the wiring upstream teachingby.

Good and versatile for fishing the ultralight style of most species of large predatory fish that lives in rivers and lakes.

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