Fishing line DAIWA TD Sensor Tournament, 0.16 mm Braided, color Black, 150m

Model: TD Sensor Tournament
Code: 1930-0903
Леска DAIWA TD Sensor Tournament, 0.16мм, Плетеная, цвет Черный, 150м

Unwinding: 150

Braided line DAIWA TD Sensor Tournament has become a beloved classics braided lines from the company DAIWA. The cord is made with new technology that uses a high density weave. For Sch...
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TD Sensor Tournament

Spinning Shimano Catana DX 240 M Super Sensitive has long been known and loved by both novice and experienced anglers. The success of this model is very simple, the company Shimano has developed the truth of a universal rod for most types of fishing. Also a key factor in the popularity of the series Catana DX is of course not high and very reasonable price. After all, rod with modern characteristics like the Shimano Catana DX 240 M to find a really not easy!

Modified Super Sensitive series this is a modern development engineers of the company Shimano.

The spinning rod has a fast action in the static medium and fast dynamics, that is, during casting or playing fish klyunuvshey fish. This feature allows the form to become fully involved in the work at the time of casting the lure as far as possible allowing her to throw. At the time of playing spinning fulfills the jerks fish all form, knits, and is off the hook bait.

Within the test range you can safely catch lures, lures, jig baits, as well as various snap-ins driver. All this allows to expand the boundaries when fishing, and use a variety of methods.

In the manufacture of spinning of applied modern fiber XT 40, which is much lighter and stronger than regular carbon fiber. The binder fibres BioFibre indicates that the form is highly resistant to heavy loads, the gear is still very sensitive and lightweight. Such spinning can be easily compared with more expensive high-end models. Hypersensitivity Blanca allows you to track even the most vague, weak bite of a predator, and time to produce effective cutting.

The Shimano Catana DX spinning 240 Super Sensitive M fitted with quality fittings. Lightweight ring allows you to catch the cords of different diameters, and good resistance against abrasive wear. Insert HardLite very durable and abrasion resistant, reduces unnecessary friction at the time of casting. The Tulip is mounted on the spinning reel, the line protects from excesses and unfortunate shootings at the time of casting lures.

VibraSpot reel seat has an ergonomic option that will help comfortable to carry enough gear. Design also serves to transmit sensitivity, and improves the overall sensation of the form.

Range of spinning rods Shimano Catana DX Super Sensitive consists of six models with different lengths and test ranges so that every angler will be able to find the rod to suit your fishing conditions, be it river, lake or reservoir.

Spinning can be safely recommended as a universal, for catching most methods of fishing lures.


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Fishing line DAIWA TD Sensor Tournament, 0.14 mm, Braided, color Orange, 150m-
Fishing line DAIWA TD Sensor Tournament, 0.18 mm, Braided, color Orange, 150m-
Fishing line DAIWA TD Sensor Tournament, 0.16 mm Braided, color Black, 150m€28.58Buy
Fishing line DAIWA TD Sensor Tournament, 0.18 mm, Braided, Black, 150m€22.28Buy
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