Fishing line Sufix 832 Braid Lo Vis Green, 0.18 mm, Braided, color Green, 135m (DS1CF025h3DB11) buy cheap online shop!

Model: 832 Braid Lo Vis Green
Code: 1011-0204
Леска Sufix 832 Braid Lo Vis Green, 0.18мм, Плетеная, цвет Зеленый, 135м

Unwinding: 135

Sufix 832 advanced composite that combines three technological qualities of Dyneema fiber, the fiber Gore, fiber R8

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832 Braid Lo Vis Green

New Sufix braid - cord which Rapala can be proud of !

The quality of the braids depends on the quality of fishing. When he recently got Braided fishing line Sufix 832 Braid Lo Vis Green, its characteristics, confirmed the test using, immediately drew the attention of specialists. Sufix American brand, from the famous Finnish Corporation Rapala. Thanks to hi-tech component of the production process, the company is ahead of the competition, offers the most notable samples of fishing cords of the global market. Its quality this network connection required technical capabilities and materials two outstanding companies, as Sufix designed and made by her with innovations W. L. Gore. To the pride of the Finnish founders of this network, demonstrates the quality, other manufacturers can equal.

The advantages of high-tech innovation

  • Differing from the majority of braided, Braided fishing line Sufix 832 Braid Lo Vis Green has 8 fibers - 32 weaves per inch!
  • The structure of the 7 PE Dyneema fibers, Central fiber-reinforced Gore-Tex has provided high quality. When tying knots while maintaining high strength, elasticity, the line shows low elongation.
  • Perfectly round cross-section improves durability, range, and casting the durability of the rings.
  • Quiet casts, no vibration is one of the hallmarks of innovative fences.
  • Braided fishing line Sufix 832 Braid Lo Vis Green will remain in the sun, will not fade, will not razlohmachivayutsya.

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Alexander Ruzaykin 17.06.2015
I am sure that most fishermen, when it comes time to choose the twist for certain types of fishing, first and foremost wants to be sure the cord to its manufacturer. I also after the experiment with Chinese fences, catching a few fishing trips, while spending a lot of his nerves, he decided to opt in favor of the American firm Sufix. I have to say it has paid off! Declared on the label of the load keeps the cord slippery, almost silent when passing through the ring. Caught him last season, the paint peeled slightly.

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