Power Pro fishing line Moss Green, 0.36 mm, Braided, color Green, 275m (PP275MGR036)

Model: Moss Green 275
Code: 1111-0407
Леска Power Pro Moss Green, 0.36мм, Плетеная, цвет Зеленый, 275м

Unwinding: 275

Excellent handling! Excellent structure! A length of cord braided Power Pro is a real godsend for the angler!

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Power Pro
Moss Green 275

The American company manufactures the Power Pro braided fishing line on modern technologies of high-strength materials. In the manufacture of plaiting uses a technology called SPECTRA FIBER. The strength of the cord is provided by the tight weave of the finest fibre and special coating.

Submitted braided fishing line has a flat weave, so it is best to use when fishing with vibrating lures. This structure allows to avoid unnecessary nodes when twisting the fishing line, holds knots tight, does not stretch, avoids overlap at the top of the rod, tensile strength (8 kg).

The advantages of using this fishing line is due to the following: do not bury in the spool, virtually never gets wet, due to special impregnation, versatile (can be used on different coils), great styling on the spool, allows you to perform long and accurate cast, does not break the rings of the rod, durable.

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