Reel DAIWA Sweepfire E 1500B (43178120873)

Model: Sweepfire E-B
Code: 312-211
Катушка DAIWA Sweepfire Е 1500B

Gear ratio:

  • 5.1:1
  • 5.1:1
  • 5.3:1
Reel DAIWA Sweepfire 1500B E is a budget option generic coil from the famous Japanese manufacturer. In the model used successfully patented technology responsible for comfo...
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Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
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boat, shore
Sweepfire E-B

Reel DAIWA Sweepfire 1500B E is a budget option generic coil from the famous Japanese manufacturer. The model uses the successful patented technology, responsible for the comfort of fishing and the reliability of the internal mechanism.

The production quality control is the key to the success of the company DAIWA, so budget models such as E Sweepfire 1500B, has earned the love and trust of the Russian fishermen.

Reel designed for spinning fishing in the style of ultralight, and fans of float fishing is not expensive but reliable gear.

Coil design is very attractive and will satisfy even the discerning angler. The red color emphasizes the individuality and style model.

Although the model and budget, but endowed with a patented technology of the basic units and parts.

The coil housing is made of durable carbon fiber, resists shocks and chips.

The rotor coils are made of carbon composite, which positively affects the duration of its life.

The coil is provided with a spring - antispam. The bow at the time of the casting is securely fixed and also protected from self discharge, which can lead to ejection and loss of expensive lures.

The spool is made of durale and has the ABS technology that allows you to tightly wind the line the reverse cone for making more long and accurate casts.

The rotor coil rotates silently and quietly, as extra spurious vibration eliminates system balancing Gyro Spin.

The reel has one bearing made from stainless steel, it is responsible for the smoothness and ease of movement of the basic mechanism.

Roller laccolites system Twist Buster prevents twisting of the cord or fishing line, and also eliminates the appearance of loops and beards while fishing.

Instant anti-reverse Multi Stop will ensure the timely cutting klyunuvshey fish, by preventing reverse movement of the rotor.

Cross-winding system fishing line Level Wind is responsible for the packing density without the formation of hollows and humps.

Good coil for the spinner, and lover of float and feeder fishing.


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