Coil DAIWA Crest 1500 (4960652793773)

Model: Crest
Code: 1920-1301
Катушка DAIWA Crest 1500


  • 1500
  • Two thousand
  • Two thousand five hundred eight

Bearings: 5+1

Gear ratio: 4.7:1

The model is well known to the Russian fishermen, who for a short period of time fell in love with DAIWA Crest and nicknamed “the workhorse”. This was facilitated by the reasonable price and excellent working...
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Main characteristics
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The number of spools
Gear ratio
The type of fishing
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Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Initially, the release coil Crest 1500 planned company DAIWA directly to the domestic market of Japan. However, for a small period of time, the model has gained widespread popularity and relevance in Europe and beyond.

The model is well known and Russian fishermen, who fell in love with DAIWA Crest and nicknamed “the workhorse”. This was facilitated by the affordable price, great performance.

Series refers to the budget segment, but has excellent technological solutions inherent in expensive sports model.

The coil is very versatile and is able to used not only for spinning, but with ease and for feeder and match fishing. This contributes to the compact size and universal gear ratio of 4.7:1.

The reel has 5 bearings in housing and 1 in the roller line bale. Thanks to the smoothness and ease of movement is preserved for quite a long time after the start of operation. Coil DAIWA Crest 1500 is equipped with a steel handle which can be screwed directly into the shaft. For one revolution of the handle pulls on the spool to 70 cm fishing line, it is very good for a budget model.

The friction mechanism has a maximum load of 2 kg. It is also very good data.

The main pair of coils DIGIGEAR II made of zinc and aluminium alloy, powerful enough and very durable hub part.

Roller line bale TWIST BUSTER II provides a uniform laying of the fishing line , prevents the formation of loops and tangles.

The spool shape ABS promotes good wound and working with cords, helps you perform far casts, since the cord is very smooth and freely coming off the coil.

A good universal coil belonging to the budget segment, created using the most advanced technologies from the company DAIWA. Will appeal to anglers and fans of feeder, match fishing.

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