Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 2506

Model: 12 Crest
Code: 312-061
Катушка DAIWA 12 Crest 2506

Size/Gear ratio:

  • 1500/4.7:1
  • 2000/4.7:1
  • 2000/4.7:1
  • 2004/4.7:1
  • 2500/4.7:1
  • 2500/4.7:1
  • 2506/4.7:1
  • 2508/4.7:1
  • 3000/4.7:1
  • 3500/4.9:1

Bearings: 5+1

DAIWA Crest - cheap sports coil, with the technology of the professional series. Differ ease, reliability and excellent power characteristics. Coils in this series are intermediate...
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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
Gear ratio
Power fishing line
PE0.8/140 PE1/110
The type of fishing
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore
12 Crest
Description Features of this series is that during its creation the engineers at DAIWA have sought so nazyvaemy "transitional" model from Amateur reels entry level to the sport pertaining to a higher price segment. DAIWA Crest pleasantly surprised by the availability of lightweight, turned the handle, the hexagon which is not inserted into the shaft, and is screwed to it like the more expensive models. The main pair has geometry Digigear II, and she is cast from zinc-aluminum alloy, which implies a large resource.

The presence in the series DAIWA Crest models size 2004, 2504 and 2508 intended for fishing on thin cords, speaks of its proximity to more advanced coils. The arc of laccolites made of stainless steel wire and combined with roller systemTwist Buster II c protective coating of titanium nitride. The handle has a T-shape made of pleasant to touch material and mounted on two ball bearings. Bright anodized spool Golden color gives the reels the DAIWA Crest sufficient style.

Package includes a set of washers which can be used to adjust the profile of the winding line. Smooth, light and smooth coil provide five ball bearings. The gear ratio of the models is different: the small size have peredachku 4.7:1, 4.9:1.

In General, coil DAIWA Crest make enough good impressions and may be able to meet the needs of anglers who prefer a cheap and high-quality tackle.

  • the body of the coil and the side plate of a material based on carbon fiber
  • gear Digigear
  • roller line bale Twist Buster II
  • ABS aluminum spool with titanium edge
  • bearing laccolites c protective coating of titanium nitride
  • folding aluminum handle
  • system of balancing coils Gyro Spin
  • instant anti-reverse Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • 5 bearing stainless steel

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Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 2506--
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 25064960652826730-
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 3000--
Reel 1500, DAIWA 12 Crest--
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 2000--
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 2004--
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 3500--
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 2500--
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 2508--
Coil DAIWA 12 Crest 20044960652826716-
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Daiwa Crest ("Интернет-газета о рыбалке", дата публикации 25.03.2011,

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