Coil DAIWA Legalis 1000 SH 13 (43178938768)

Model: 13 Legalis SH
Code: 1920-1501
Катушка DAIWA 13 Legalis 1000 SH


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Bearings: 7

Gear ratio: 5.2:1

Reel, DAIWA Legalis 1000SH (13) is the budget option of the middle class coils company DAIWA. The coil housing is made of lightweight aluminium alloy, optionally covered anticorro...
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13 Legalis SH

Reel, DAIWA Legalis 1000SH (13) is the budget option of the middle class coils company DAIWA. The coil housing is made of lightweight aluminium alloy, optionally coated with anti-corrosion coating.

The reel is quiet and the smooth operation of the internal mechanism and excellent overall balance.

The mechanism of rotation of the spool is made sturdy and practical. Smooth and smooth rotation is provided by an additional bearing.

Instant backstop will help you to execute timely and rapid cutting, thereby realizing a cautious bite of the fish.

The rotor coil made of durable plastic, well-balanced, so that the residual vibration is significantly less compared to the coils of the cheaper class.

Exaggerated arc of the line bale and drop a guide line on the video reels, made in the Lite version of durable aluminum. The fishing line is always to clearly lie on the roller mechanism.

ABS spool is made by the company's patented technology DAIWA. Promotes a dense and high-quality winding fishing line promotes long casts, thanks to the smooth descent of the line.

Gear ratio 5.2:1 indicates the speed component of the mechanism. This coil allows you to more quickly reel the line at the time of posting. This feature has a positive effect on fishing for such fish as Chub and perch near the dam and in boilers where the fish are it responds well to a fast retrieve lures in the top water layer.

Coil DAIWA Legalis 1000 SH (13) has in the housing 7 of the ball bearings that provide a smooth and soft stroke, as well as help spool mechanism continuously and to work without problems for many years, even with regular loads.

Comes with one spool.

Good reel for people who devote their hobby a lot of time, I prefer reliability and durability. Reel is ideal for spinning fishing on most types of baits.

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