Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 2000

Model: 11 FREAMS
Code: 312-031
Катушка DAIWA 11 FREAMS 2000

Size/Gear ratio:

  • 2000/4.8:1
  • 2000/4.9:1
  • 2500/4.8:1
  • 2500/4.9:1
  • 2508/4.8:1
  • 3000/4.7:1
  • 4000/4.9:1

Bearings: 4+1

DAIWA 11 FREAMS - includes all technological solutions and functionality of more expensive models, so its price range is the most advanced, as it belongs to the concept RealFour...
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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
Gear ratio
Power fishing line
PE1/PE1 200.5/150
The type of fishing
The object of fishing
perch, ASP, bream, Sudak, pike
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

FREAMS is a transitional model from the middle class to the coils of the premium segment. Includes all the technology and functionality of more expensive models, so its price range is the most advanced, as it belongs to the concept RealFour.

FREAMS features high capacity, high efficiency and perfect quality of the winding line.

Extended service life of a pair due to the exact calculations of the plane of the main gear.

The working mechanism , DAIWA 11 FREAMS protected from moisture, all the gears sealed, even if the coil is submerged in water, then through a special drainage holes, the water will be discharged from the mechanism.

The spool is made from lightweight aluminium, and the concept of ABSallows not to worry about the density and correctness of packing of a scaffold while fishing. The rim of the spool titanium nitride coated for greater resistance to external factors and damages.

Spool size 2506 has a small sports the spool, is a Pro-sports model, mid-level and allows to work perfectly with the thin PE lines.

Technology SILENT OSCILLATION makes the work coil noiseless. It improves smoothness at the expense of the working pair is mounted on a special shock absorber.

System INFINITE ANTI-REVERSE II is an instant brake reverse new generation with special additional insurance.

The handle of the coil, made of solid starting material, powerful and very light.

The coil is installed lightweight rotor new generation AIR Rotor, which generally eased the weight of the entire coil.

Hollow lightweight handle system laccolites AIR BAIL facilitates the weight of the coil, and smoothly guides the line onto the roller surface.

A great option luxury apartments for lovers of comfort and advanced technology.

Ideal for lovers of fishing lures.

  • advanced concept REAL FOUR
  • the body of the coil of material based on carbon ZAION
  • new lightweight rotor design the AIR ROTOR
  • hollow lightweight handle AIR BAIL
  • machined from a solid billet aluminum handle
  • forged aluminum spool
  • 4 ball bearings (CRBB 1)
  • impeccable styling fishing line
  • durability is the main mechanism
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    Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 2000-
    Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 2500-
    Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 3000-
    Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 4000-
    Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 2004-
    Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 2506-
    Coil DAIWA 11 FREAMS 2508-
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    Dmitry Irene 03.06.2015
    Purchased this reel last year.Read different reviews. There are "pros" and "cons".The legendary firm - legendarnye coil! Put the spool(the spool on 2000) ultralight,met all my expectations.Silent,lightweight and practical. There are different functions you can see in the product description.

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