Coil DAIWA REVROS MX 2000 10 (4960652790390)

Model: 10 REVROS MX
Code: 312-021
Катушка DAIWA 10 REVROS MX 2000

Size/Gear ratio:

  • 1003/4.7:1
  • 2000/4.7:1
  • 2000/4.7:1
  • 2004/4.7:1
  • 2500/4.7:1
  • 2500/4.7:1
  • 3000/4.7:1
  • 3500/4.9:1
  • 4000/4.9:1

Bearings: 4+1

DAIWA Revros MX 2000 is a medium-budget series of reels from well known Japanese manufacturer. The reel has 4 bearings + one roller. Compact body facilitates weight produces a perfect BA...
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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
Gear ratio
Power fishing line
PE1/PE1 200.5/150
The type of fishing
The object of fishing
Sudak, bream, ASP, pike, perch
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

DAIWA Revros MX is a medium-budget series of reels from well known Japanese manufacturer.

Updated coil design includes solid, chiseled rohatsu, and a hollow lightweight handle system line bale.

The reel has 4 bearings + one roller. Compact body facilitates weight produces a perfect balance of the entire gear as a whole.

The uniqueness of the coils that for an average price of angler gets maximum functionality in this class.

The coil housing is made of lightweight and durable composite material.

The spool comes with one, but with ABS II . Different from the normal ABS of the first generation of its front side , through which were able to achieve lighter vanishing line during the cast.

Series spools, DAIWA Revros MX is suitable for ultralight in size 1003 and 2004, and for the serious jig fishing in big sizes. Options of sizes ten, so that any angler will be able to freely choose the size of the coil under its conditions of fishing.

Coil DAIWA Revros MX is equipped with a hollow handle AIR Bail, which is safer and easier than usual.

Gear Digi Gear II is responsible for the reliability and durability of the whole mechanism as a whole.

Reinforced, turned the handle provides a comfortable rotation mechanism eliminates the backlash of the system.

The use of instant anti-reverse helps the angler

to timely perform cutting, and to seize the trophy.

Secure the roller line bale prevents the ingress of water into the node of a mechanism that contributes to its reliable and uninterrupted work.

The Twist Buster technology prevents the twisting of the fishing line, and extends its service life by half. The roller is additionally coated with titanium nitride, which prevents its propilivanie when using even the most abrasive cords.

The bow is equipped with a durable spring mechanism is reliable and durable.

The Gyro Spin system ensures a perfect balancing and accuracy.

Cross winding of a scaffold allows long casts, and don't worry about the loops while fishing.

Good coil for lovers of fishing lures in a variety of classes, from ultralight to heavy jig.

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Coil DAIWA REVROS MX 2000 104960652790390-
Reel, DAIWA REVROS MX 2500 10--
Coil 10 DAIWA REVROS MX 3000--
Reel, DAIWA REVROS MX 4000 10--
Reel, DAIWA REVROS MX 2004W 10--
Coil 10 DAIWA REVROS MX 2506W--
Reel, DAIWA REVROS MX 3500 10--
Reel, DAIWA REVROS MX 1003 104960652790383-
Reel, DAIWA REVROS MX 2004 104960652790406-
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Dmitry 24.04.2015
great coil, with delivery problems were not. I do not think it how I like, I Rybal since childhood, now I'm almost 40 I is no surprise , but this coil is not , I really liked the advise everyone!
Igor 22.04.2015
Hello. Perhaps You have to buy a spool to reel, Daiwa Revros MX 2500 ? If so, how ? Thanks in advance for the answer.
Team AikoStore 23.04.2015
Good afternoon Igor! Unfortunately there is no spare parts for the reels we have on sale.
Anton Vasiliev 15.04.2014
Hello, when will Revros mx 2000?
Team AikoStore 16.04.2014
Anton, good day! In the next 2 months these coils are not expected. You can pre-order in our store. To do this, send a letter stating Your contact details in the mail As soon as the coil will appear in our store, we will let You know.

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