Coil Shimano Twin Power CI4 1500 RA (TPCI41500RA)

Model: Twin Power CI4 RA
Code: 1213-111
Катушка Shimano Twin Power CI4 1500 RA

Size/Gear ratio:

  • 1500/5.0:1
  • 2500/5.0:1
  • 2500/5.2:1
  • 3000/5.2:1
  • 4000/4.7:1

Bearings: 8+1

Excellent coil for lovers float and match fishing.

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Accepted for payment:

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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
Gear ratio
Power fishing line
0.18/170, 0.20/140, 0.25/90, 0.30/60
The type of fishing
Twin Power CI4 RA

Shimano Twin Power CI4 combines all the most advanced technology from Shimano.

• Coil housing is made of a material CI4, a combination of polyamide and carbon fibers, it provides body strength with significant weight reduction.

• Multifunctional system settings clutch Tri-Drag is in fact composed of 3 friction brakes have to be stripped to the skin the degree of adjustment of the working position with the addition of the forward clutch with the smooth setting.

• Coordinated work coil is achieved thanks to high-quality ball bearings AR-B, protected with anticorrosive coating. This allows to use the coil in the marine fishing.

• Roller Power Roller is equipped with a bearing that prevents twisting of the fishing line and ensures its long lifetime.

• Classic spool AR-C with a beveled edge, lightweight and very durable, promotes long casts and careful winding the fishing line.

• Coil housing provides quick lubrication due to special preventive ports.

Great coil for lovers float and match fishing.

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Coil Shimano Twin Power CI4 1500 RATPCI41500RA-
Coil Shimano Twin Power CI4 2500 RATPCI42500RA-
Coil Shimano Twin Power Ci4 RA 25TPCI42500RA-
Coil Shimano Twin Power Ci4 SRA 3TPCI43000SRA-
Coil Shimano Twin Power Ci4 SRA 4TPCI44000SRA-
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Oleg Matrosov 09.06.2015
Reel Twin Power CI4 1500 easy to use, and all because it is quite smooth and never draws the line. With this coil to make a casting just a pleasure, it is balanced and when you throw it smoothly moves it to the desired location the hook or lure. Also the coil is a robust, fights to the last, I did not have such case that she was stuck.

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