Reel Shimano Hyperloop 1000 FB (HL1000FB)

Model: Hyperloop FB
Code: 1213-051
Катушка Shimano Hyperloop 1000 FB


Bearings: 1+1

Gear ratio: 4.6:1


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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
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Power fishing line
0.18/170, 0.20/140, 0.25/90, 0.30/60
The type of fishing
Hyperloop FB

The total weight of the Shimano Hyperloop 1000FB is 190 gr. the speed of winding fishing line around 56 cm (for a full revolution of the handle).

Case and cover with the foot coil is made of quality plastic material, back part is covered by a lid. Foot coil easy to hold it with your fingers. In the manufacture of wheels and gears the main gear used, zinc-alloy Aluminiy, which proves once again that the coil is not designed for heavy loads.

The stock is relatively thin, 4 mm, and its length is 94 mm. it applied fine-grained threads, which is typical of Shimano reels, and installed shims. The stopper is made without the use of overrunning clutches. This decision is justified, since the use of such clutch coils, it is impractical.

Switch stopper, as is customary in reels Shimano is at the bottom of the hull. The coils of this class it has large dimensions and is relatively easy to use.

The rotor coils are made of plastic and is clearly laid out and balanced design. Video "Power Rolly" made of brass. This movie allows you to use when fishing light line. The spool has a conventional form reels Shimano and weighs 34 grams. The skirt is a holder for fishing line. The handle is made in cast form with a weight of 37 gr. Recorded as a coil, screw on the opposite side.

Thus, this model is appropriate to use when fishing with a float rod and light spinning.

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Alexander 04.07.2016
one and the same person give the same feedback to all coils )))
Sergey Dotsenko 21.05.2015
Rods and reels – the most important items of equipment for modern carp fishing. A month ago, ordered over the Internet reel Shimano Hyperloop 1000 FB, and recently got it in. Conveniently held in the hand. Smooth running reel, the line is not confused. In a word - no hassle. From fishing received only pleasure. Well, four carp weighing 15 kg. is not a bad result!
Arsen Meliksetyan 21.05.2015
Hello.Just yesterday tried the aerotank coils.I was amazed at the smoothness,pleasant to take in hands.If thee are in the hands of a good quality rod or spinning rod with a Shimano reel,it is with pleasure and confidence goes fishing,despite any weather.Even the price is very acceptable.Weight 185гр.,without taasta.For me it is the best choice out of all that I ordered previously.So,could not help but leave a positive review.Good Luck To You.
Arsene Saghatelyan 18.05.2015
The model coil I guys gave on the day of birth and that of course made me very happy. I'm a fisherman with no little experience,so believe me,reel Shimano is really good work,very smooth reel that should please any fisherman just like aluminum body,which positively affects the weight of the rod. Catching carp over 7 kg and all okay,so as the saying goes checked.
Arkadiy Kazakov 17.05.2015
A few days ago bought 1000 hyperloop and immediately went to test. Only positive impressions, the coil stroke is very smooth, the handle is comfortable to tangle the need to try very hard. But the main selection criteria were low cost and light weight, so I gave preference to this coil. For the money - excellent purchase.
Alex 15.05.2015
Made a choice in favor of Shimano, as already used their systems as in fishing, and Biking. Reel is great for fishing line and recreational fishing small fish. It is easy and convenient to install, nice aluminium body, ergonomic fits in your hand. Four going fishing no cons have not noticed. A special thank you for the quick order processing and prompt delivery.
Andrew 27.04.2015
Two weeks ago, I came to this coil in the mail. Liked immediately. The housing is aluminum. Weighs not so much. Clocked 60 m 0.2 mm fishing line. The turn mechanism is smooth, no jerks under heavy load. Of course sad that the little bearings, but in my opinion I think that they are sufficient. The handle rests on the fingers not slip. When getting off the bridge it does not form a "beard". Caught last weekend two carp of 1,5 kg. In General, the coil is happy.

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