The kanger PROTANK coil Rover 750 (RVR750)

Model: Rover
Code: 1920-0401
Катушка KOSADAKA Rover 750


  • Seven hundred fifty
  • 1500
  • 2500
  • Three thousand five hundred

Bearings: 2+1

Gear ratio: 5.2:1

Uncomplicated in design and easy in maintenance, Favorit economy class, suitable for all types of fishing.
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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
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Winter, Summer
lake, river, pond
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boat, shore

Among the low budget spinning reels, MEGABASS products occupy a leading position, because of the small cost the angler gets quite a decent coil, able to perform its tasks. One such budget is kanger PROTANK coil Rover is the entry – level reel that will suit every beginner fisherman and those who go fishing only occasionally, for various reasons.

Model range Rover coils consists of four sizes – 750; 1500; 2500 and 3500. The small size of bezynertsionnoj suitable for light spinning and float tackle for long casting. Large dimensions it is expedient to apply in the "adult" easy spinning or feeder fishing.

In the manufacture of the dual coil EVOD Rover used cheap materials that do not require complex processing and time-consuming processes. However, the spinning reel of this model is very durable and easy to maintain.

The main features of the coil are:

• The use of lightweight but durable composite material for the body;
• Smooth ride with smooth laying of the cord;
• Good sensitivity in the friction brake;
• Computer balanced rotor;
• Presence of instantaneous stop;
• Aluminum spool.

The kanger PROTANK coil Rover has a fairly simple mechanism. In coil only 2 bearings. The line bale roller without bearing, but instead installed a bushing of non-ferrous metal. The profile of the roller corresponds to modern requirements and prevents twisting of the line. This spinning coil has a relatively low weight. For example, the model 2500 Rover weighs just 225 grams, which is comparable with the coils of the middle segment of the market. So for balance, spinning tackle can not survive.

This model spinning reel from MEGABASS is quite versatile and will suit any beginner in fishing. This bezynertsionnoj you can start out with easy spinning, not afraid to spoil thin cords, as the coil works with them gently. The kanger PROTANK coil Rover can be used in match fishing. The largest size 3500 suitable for feeder fishing. Moreover, the coil has a good appetite, weighs just 340 grams, and the capacity of the spool 220 meters nylon fishing line 0,25 mm.

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The kanger PROTANK coil Rover 750RVR750-
The kanger PROTANK coil Rover 1500RVR1500-
The kanger PROTANK coil Rover 2500RVR2500-
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