Reel DAIWA Procaster 2000X

Model: Procaster X
Code: 312-082
Катушка DAIWA Procaster 2000X


  • 1500
  • Two thousand
  • 2500
  • Three thousand

Bearings: 10+1

Gear ratio: 5.3:1

DAIWA Procaster X - lineup bezinertsionnaja coil, which are universal and provide a high level of performance and good quality. The reliability and durability of the mechanism coils...

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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
Gear ratio
Power fishing line
8lb/110 0.25/125
The type of fishing
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
shore, boat
Procaster X

DAIWA Procaster X - lineup bezinertsionnaja coil, which are universal and provide a high level of performance and good quality. The reliability and durability of the mechanism coils of this model is provided by a precision drive Digigear and 10 ball bearings. Though in pricing policies and they are among the cheapest, but will not yield in its performance to more expensive models.



The advantages of these coils include:


  • quick anti-reverse
  • protivogerpetical fishing line Twistbuster
  • a system of drive Digigear
  • handle folds very quickly
  • a spool of ABS is made of aluminum with a titanium rim. In the configuration there is one spare spool
  • the front friction brake is adjustable
  • bearing laccolites c protective coating of titanium nitride
  • the arc of laccolites Airbail hollow inside
  • 10 ball bearings
  • system of balancing coils Gyro Spin
  • instant anti-reverse Infinite Anti-Reverse

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Jaroslav Kotlyar 16.05.2015
I'm a fisherman not a professional, but love it very much. And in the end it turned out that I bought all the blind, this coil is no exception. But, for half a year that I started to fish hard, it just left a better impression. In her work everything went smoothly, especially liked her stupor move. It's very easy and not difficult its become. And enjoy it, I want to say, great fun.
Nikita Gorchakovskaya 15.05.2015
Great reel for fishing the classic. Bought this coil to the Hungarian spinning. Reel works smoothly without knocks in the Bush. When fishing for pike on the coil is not a "beard". It is very convenient especially for the professional angler. The DAIWA reel has a light weight and quality stopper move. Bought this reel for pike. Use for more than a year. Have never been let down.

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