Coil Aiko Revolver 1500

Model: Revolver
Code: 112-111
Катушка Aiko Revolver 1500
Катушка Aiko Revolver 1500
Катушка Aiko Revolver 1500


  • 1500
  • Two thousand

Bearings: 8+1

Gear ratio: 5.1:1

New carbon fiber body and rotor, lightweight handle, reinforced gears, machined aluminium handle, which can be screwed securely into the engine - not all the advantages of a Revolver, although one of the main...

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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
Gear ratio
Power fishing line
0.165/170, 0.2/130., 0.235/100
The type of fishing
The object of fishing
perch, ASP, bream, roach, roach, Sudak, pike
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Coil Revolver with front drag is an excellent option for fans of fishing lures.


New carbon fiber body and rotor, lightweight handle, reinforced gears, machined aluminium handle, which can be screwed securely into the engine - not all the advantages of a Revolver, although one of the main.

Together, these technologies bring to market spinning brand new product that will satisfy the most demanding fishermen. As a distinct advantage of the coil is light weight. This enables correct balancing of the entire gear. Quality bearings provides smooth and easy movement. Aluminum spool with reverse cone - Deposit dense and smooth winding of fishing line and cord, helping to prevent the formation of loops and to reset the beards. The design is also not deprived of uniqueness and novelty: strict, without unnecessary plastic fragile parts and unnecessary make-up, inspires and brings the reliability of modern sports trend.


  • Spinning spinning reel with front friction brake
  • Carbon fiber body and rotor
  • Lightweight shackle
  • Reinforced gear
  • A chiselled aluminum handle with the possibility of reinstalling
  • Bearings 8+1 (in the video)
  • Gear ratio 5.1 : 1
  • Aluminum spool with reverse cone
  • In the line of two sizes

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Coil Aiko Revolver 1500-
Coil Aiko Revolver 2000-
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Sergey 11.03.2016
Thank you! And when the planned approach 2000?
Sergey 10.03.2016
It please,as this coil 1500 will be in harmony with Ressens 235L 3-16g? Well, very interesting.Thank you!
Team AikoStore 11.03.2016
Good afternoon, Sergey! For Ressens 235L better suited 2000. 1500 will be small.
Andrew 21.05.2015
Good quality combined with a pleasant price. The smooth coil is set spinning, very light, and adequate (2-4 bearing is not a coil...), the number of bearings provides good and noiseless rotation. Well she caught all small and medium-sized fish in the lake. Purchasing and registration/order was satisfied.
Slava Ivanov 17.05.2015
Great professional reel. Easily unwound when throwing. When winding fishing line bites and not sets, which allows to smoothly wind up the fishing line, thereby smoothly carry out the transaction. Particularly good on rivers with strong currents. I would also like to add a couple of bearings, they are high quality, contribute to the smooth and quiet course, and therefore will last a long time.
Andrew 24.04.2015
Very impressed! Good option for fans of fishing lures. So pleasant mild course, and indeed it is silent. Of course compared to my old coil Daiwa Crossfire 1000A which has a weight of 155g., this will be hard for many. But with its features a carbon fiber body with a chiselled aluminum handle, it's worth it!!!
Team AikoStore 23.03.2015
Good afternoon, Sergey! .Yes indeed, the 2500 model is easier, information from the manufacturer.
Sergey 21.03.2015
It turns out that the 2000 model is lighter by 5 grams less than 1500??,I understand correctly,or is it a misprint on the website?It's a very important question!
Team AikoStore 23.03.2015
Good afternoon, Evgeny! Coil weight is 270 and she is quite good with thin cords.
Eugene 20.03.2015
What is the exact weight at 1500?And how it works with thin cords?

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