Coil Aiko Expect 1500

Model: Expect
Code: 112-021
Катушка Aiko Caiser 1500


  • 1500
  • 2500

Bearings: 9+1

Gear ratio: 5.2:1

a Series of modern spinning reels top class

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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
metal, aluminium, Graphite
The number of spools
Gear ratio
Power fishing line
0.185/155 0.205/150
The type of fishing
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP, bream, roach, roach
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Expect - a series of modern spinning reels of the highest class. Thanks to modern technology and materials used in the production, coils in this series have the highest performance and reliability.


Coil Expect have 10 high precision ball bearings, convenient front drag, instant anti-reverse roller coated with titanium nitride. The coil has a perfect packing of a scaffold and suitable for all types of fishing lures.

Included are two metal spools – direct and reverse cone.

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Coil Aiko Expect 1500-
Coil Aiko Expect 2500-
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Denis Gulak 02.02.2017
Hello, tell me if this reel 1500 spinning reel to the MEGABASS IZABELLA II IZII 722ULS 218 CM ? Will there be a balance ?
Team AikoStore 03.02.2017
Good afternoon. Coil AIKO Expect 1500 suitable for IZII 722ULS. Coil has good styling in a line and suitable for all types of fishing lures.
Dobrynya 03.12.2016
No bearing spoils the image. I have the movie also constantly wedged. Design urgently needs to change, but the manufacturer does not hear the user. Which is a pity.
Team AikoStore 05.12.2016
Good afternoon. Your information helps to solve the user's problems. Of course, the manufacturer must take into account all the observations and tries to satisfy them.
Vladimir 11.09.2016
Hello. My coil in the video there is no bearing or even a bushing. The movie just revolves on the axis. And this is a big problem, as it turns very bad, spoils the twist and the very spoiled.Can we somehow help this problem, changing the video? Specially revised all the available houses the coil - everywhere there is a bearing in the roller, it is not only in the Chinese "roll" for 200 rubles. But there should at least Bush...
Victor 22.05.2016
Tell me where you can serve your coils or where to get an exploded view drawing of the coil. He tried, but without a schema to parse fails, the rod has two bearing and how to remove them is not clear (at all the video online coils easier and the max I have is stopping the pin on the other sprocket elementary gergevets with stock). In the presence of both 1500 and 2500, and have a desire to buy another kit, but lack of information stops. Put the explosion-a diagram or better - make a video to service this excellent reel.
Team AikoStore 24.05.2016
Good day, Victor! The scheme is provided on the inner side of the box. Maintenance of coils will try to shoot detailed video.
Leonid Semin 06.05.2016
In the tail and mane chase 1500-th 2-th year. No questions. To direct 2-3 reset on the conic, it seems, did not exist.
Victor 26.04.2016
Thank you. It is a pity of course that is not the bearing, but the bushing for the 2 years shown )
Victor 25.04.2016
Good day! In the new party as before the roller line bale rotates on the plastic bushing?

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