Sundridge set of 2 switches and one radio Optonic

Model: OPTG1-2
Code: 1980-1001
Набор Sundridge из 2-х сигнализаторов и одного радиоприёмника Optonic
A good signaller of bite for lovers of carp and ground fishing. Can be used with most types of rods for bottom fishing. Versatile, allows the use of both day and night...
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Main characteristics

A set of electronic bite alarms Optonic from the company Sundridge. The kit consists of ten alarms Optonic, which, thanks to modern digital technology, can help catch wary fish, add in the fishing process maximum comfort and will give a lot of positive emotions from excellent quality and functionality.

The detectors are compact in size, ergonomic shape, suitable for most bottom and carp rods. Equipped with volume control buttons, and the tone signal, the color Visualizers and external speakers, which allows to signal the bite, as the sound method, and visual.

Set of 10 alarms Optonic OPTDISP has a waterproof body, resistant to temperature changes, and preventing ingress of dirt. A large number of detectors in the set is an undeniable advantage in bottom fishing, as knowing in advance what the fishing place, you can apply them locally in one place using rods with various attachments to identify the most productive bait at the moment. It happens so that the reservoir is not known , in this case, all ten detectors disperse in prospective areas at a considerable distance from each other, thereby oblasova at the same time a large number of advanced areas, using all detectors, and further to determine where the fish are biting better. The last method is one of the most effective when fishing with bite alarms.

Reliable and versatile alarm bite for fans of Donna and carp fishing, you can use both day and night. Set alarms to be useful with modern gadget that allows you to make fishing more comfortable, entertaining and productive.

Main advantages:

  • Compact size.
  • Button volume and tone controls.
  • The on/off button.
  • Visual LEDs.
  • The external speaker.
  • The Jack socket.
  • Flow connectors are brass.

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Sundridge set of 2 switches and one radio Optonic-
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