Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 050 (215545)

Model: SATANA 115F
Code: 2003-4236
The mid-size subsurface minnow for fishing on radical shallow water and on underwater vegetation.
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Description Design features: SATANA 115F has two, separated by a pronounced lateral line, embossed surface texture. The upper part is made in the form of diamond-shaped notches of the bottom in the form of semicircular notches. The head portion of crankbait mimics the relief of the Gill cover. 3D eyes complete the design of the lure. SATANA 115F is equipped with a balance system and noise of the camera, the balls which create sound when animating. The lure is equipped with two high-quality treble hooks and weight clockwork rings. Quality paint coating meets all modern requirements. Casting and animation: the casting Distance when you use balanced tackle is 34-38 meters. Was used for the test rod 7.8 ft, coil of 3,000 on the line Shimano and the 4-wire cord #1. When working with SATANA 115F need to use the entire Arsenal of the transactions, from steady to dash. On medium-fast uniform wiring Wobbler wagging tail and a bit rolls over from side to side, with little deviating from the axis of the transaction. When using stop-and-go (broach with a pause, or several turns of the coil with a pause before the ascent) Wobbler in the active phase of the transaction wags his tail, and in the pause POPs up to the surface. These two animations are best when using SATANA 115F when fishing over underwater vegetation. After surfacing on the pause is very useful to move a little Wobbler, and again to pause in 1-2 seconds. On dash animation SATANA 115F quite passive. If to animate his short soft jerks, the lure rotates from the axis of the transaction, at the time of the breakthrough oscillates. A sharp, angry twiching this lure does not like. Given that in all cases the animation of the penetration of the lure is no more than 20-30 centimeters, SATANA 115F is becoming a weapon in the pike fishing over the thickets of underwater grass and very small places where the predator likes to go out on warm days. Use string leash 25 cm has no significant influence on either the buoyancy or the accuracy of the animation of the lure. Set of fishing gear: the fishing Rod with a length of 7.0-8.0 ft fast action , test to 25-30 g, coil of 3,000 on the line Shimano cord #1,2.

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Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 050
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 050
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 123
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 123
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 264
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 264
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 413
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 413
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 432
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 432
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 435R
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 435R
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 443
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 443
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 614
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 614
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 645
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 645
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F 829G
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F 829G
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F A049
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F A049
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F HU
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F HU
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F L162
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F L162
Wobbler TsuYoki SATANA 115F FRU
Воблер TsuYoki SATANA 115F FRU
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