Thermo suit ARTINUS AUJ-326, R-R M, color Black,Red

Model: AUJ-326
Code: 211-251
Термо-костюм ARTINUS AUJ-326, р-р M, цвет Черный,Красный
Термо-костюм ARTINUS AUJ-326, р-р M, цвет Черный,Красный
Термо-костюм ARTINUS AUJ-326, р-р M, цвет Черный,Красный

Size: M

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Men's, Women's
The thermal insulation layer, The second insulated layer
Supplex, Teflon, ComforMax, Exkin

Immediately it should be noted that even though the suit is primarily by the membrane jerkin under clothing, it can be used independently. Therefore, the design of the model creators clearly left the last place. The costume has five roomy enough pockets (three in the jacket, two pants), closed with YKK zippers.

Recognized as the world's best DuPont ComforMax insulation combined with an outer layer Exkin RF was achieved the Alliance of materials that complement each other.

Despite strong similarities, it is thin, soft and lightweight heated clothing using DuPont ComforMax (100 g), than just to make sure. Suit AUJ-326 manufactured using the original system stitches embossing that the best way affects its consumer qualities, it has a stylish design. Use as filler 100% DuPont ComforMax allows the suit to be relatively thin and have very high insulation.

Rashirenie functionality of the Multi-Layer (laminated structure), the technology of filling 5 ~ 10gsm/layer perform multilayer insulation for unbeatable softness. In addition, this material is completely nesminaemoy, which can not affect consumer qualities. The result was achieved in high strength and resistance to washing.

Used for comfort the lining is made of Supplex. Consumers around the world know it as the fabric, indistinguishable from cotton with a natural texture. But even cotton has shortcomings. Clothing usually has pleats and has a tendency to wrinkle, and over time lose color. Therefore, scientists INVISTA has created the material is Supplex®, a family of fabrics that combines the traditional advantages of cotton and modern synthetic fibers. Thus, the Supplex fabric has the appearance of cotton, breathes, retains its shape, dries faster than cotton and does not fade.

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