The company ARTINUS was created "by anglers for anglers" in 2008 in Korea. With its stylish design and modern high-tech materials the company's products in only a few years left... Read more >>
  • How to choose fishing line
    Selection of fishing line is important, requiring special attention to the lesson. If the scaffold is selected incorrectly, it will be probable the risk of breakage, loss of catch. For the correct selection of a scaffold is necessary considering... Read more >>
  • How to choose a fishing rod for fly fishing
    Principles of selection the rod for fly fishing The fly-fishing is a very active and profitable type of fishing. This method catch any fish in a variety of conditions.... Read more >>
  • Fishing lure
    Wobbler – one of the most common bulk spinning lures equipped with one or more triple hooks. Wobblers are made of different materials: plastic, foamed polymers... Read more >>