The choice of a spinning reel for ultralajtovogo tackle

A special case fishing lures – the so-called ultralight – has firmly earned a reputation for efficient and truly universal way. A wide range of fishing tactics and transactions, as well as the variety of baits used make it possible to catch fish very different – as traditionally prey of pike, perch, Zander, trout, and those fish that "were not observed" predation or are omnivorous. We are talking about the Chub, yaze, Rudd, roach and even carp with the carp. There are many stories that say about the capture of a large, weighing over a kilo carp on ordinary miniature silicone bait, impaled on an offset hook.

Ultralight. The basic intricacies

As in any other method of fishing, an important, if not critical, role played by the correct arrangement of equipment and choice of its elements. The tackle is built on the principle of overall harmony: all elements should complement each other and to be United in the process of fishing. There is at least a single element to stand out from the General concept of how the fishing will not take place – the animation of the lure is unnatural that alerted the predator, the angler will experience significant discomfort. This applies particularly to questions of a choice of rods and reels – a perfect balance of gear here primary, and by the weight of the working set is grams.

For this reason, it is very important to choose the right spinning reel for fishing with ultralight. Things like tegometall extra spool for long casts and the number of inches, vymatyvanii coil per revolution, fade into the background, giving place to other more important criteria.

Choice e CIG coils

The choice of modern reel for fishing the lightest gear is time consuming and fraught with a large number of nuances:

•First and foremost, we are talking about the balance gear. The fishing rod with the installed coil should ideally lie in the hand, and its balance is to be in the region of the handle. For this reason, choosing spinning reels, pay attention to its weight – the less the better. More appropriate way is "fitting" coil used on the rod and check for "lay down whether the tackle in hand"

•Based on the requirements of a maximum balance gear is selected and the size of the coil. Usually coil the size above 2500 on the gear to the ultralight class does not apply, and the dimension of the most popular models is in the range of 1500-2000.

If we talk about mechanical elements, plays an important role instant anti-reverse. The angler must be able to instantly stop posting bait and renew it if necessary.

•Traditionally, an important criterion is the smoothness. The higher it is, the more "velvety" of course, refers to the coil, the better the process of catching and the better felt the bite of a predator

•The number of bearings directly affects the course of the coil. The more the softer the mechanism. However, abuse should not – overly-large number of "balls" not only improves speed, but also heavier cylinders. The optimal number is 5-7.

•The reasonableness of the finest woods forces the angler to pay attention to the clutch coil. It needs to be sensitive and have greater range of adjustments.

•Not the last role is played by the brand. Coil from well-known brands will last much longer than their nameless counterparts. Besides, cheap Chinese coils may be a discrepancy between the declared and actual characteristics, and the quality of their production leaves much to be desired. Buying a branded item, the angler can be sure of its quality.