Catchability bubbles Aiko Roost


New season valleroy fishing I decided to dedicate and open proven fighters who have already not the first year take its rightful place in my fishing collection. Today I will talk about the KranK Aiko Roost 38. What I like is his accessibility, as well as of course the main thing is catching capacity, which each year continues to grow, it is different waters.

Latest fishing was pretty labor, there was a strong the wind, and for ultralajtovogo fishing is perhaps the most unpleasant. But right rope and thin cord saved the situation, so even a miniature Roostвесом only 4 grams, I effortlessly threw on 20 meters, even in strong gusts.

Here is the first posting, tychek-cudaczek) Pleased , though still a baby, but taken steadily under the surface...well Roost again opened the account in my favor.

Letting go of the perch, I started a fan to sh in any place and marveled at the agility of the bass, which boldly attacked the KranK on every second transaction.

Take a picture bass desires I had, they responded well to uniform the wiring with a pause, so I don't even really considered, and have taken their bite as a tribute)

In Aiko Roost I like its stability, it in different types of transactions, it plays like when you post against the current, and upstream and for fishing in an arc. Easy to control the bait as one of the perks, you just have a smooth start to reel the line on the spool at any time and wait for the attack of the rogue river)

The river on which I have chosen is quite large and full of interesting places for catching most predatory fish, after exercise with Sudakovo Okuneva brethren, the time has come to catch and Galiulina, who hosts this place.

Valleron I did not change, tried different wiring, just a hunch that you need to throw Aiko Roost just upstream, and posting is hard when you slowly turn the handle of the coil, because the rust is a bubble , and so well accompanies the flow of the river. Dropping as the case arbitrary, in one of the Postings got a pretty high kick, that holovlit drew attention to it)

And spinning which I think you all know the photo helped to smooth the choppy river handsome when playing. Well, I'm already satisfied, Roostопять proves its relevance when fishing different fish in a river. In the past the season to me it brought the IDE, Krasnoperov, perch, chubs.

For me often the KranK is like a search engine fish on unfamiliar waters, in fact the first time it was difficult to understand where there is fish and it prefers to bite, so many trips to the guest the reservoirs, I started it with this lure.
Literally half an hour later, after being caught the first Chub I caught another one, but smaller.

So fishing can be seen as successful, and Wobbler AikoRoostодним of the most efficient the kranks ' in its price niche. By the way they left me only three, and it's not much because it is the constant regularity eat river and lake pike, so that soon will need to pozharitsya and again to fight with the river inhabitants.

Catch fish, release the halfling, admire mais nature friends and good mood for all.