Fishing places in Moscow and near Moscow suburbs

Every angler always asks: ”where's good and interesting to fish, not spending time in vain?”

Those who are constantly “in the know”, knows that fishing is prepared almost in the beginning of the week, or, in extreme cases - in the evening. You need to accurately calculate what gear will be relevant for a particular area. All that you need to collect, prepare and put on the “shelf”. It is necessary to calculate the routes, as most is going fishing in the morning and in the night, and to lose time searching for the exact place - it is not an option, as you can skip the “exit” of a predator or even “exit” fish.

About the most visited areas of Moscow and Moscow region it is possible to write indefinitely, so consider the most popular and visited by fishermen of the place. The Moscow river has always been famous for its fish reserves, and today is almost the main area for local fishermen. If to speak about environmental issues, then of course the situation leaves much to be desired. Despite this, fishermen often visit this river. Very common to see fishermen in Bronnitsy, Chulkovo or near the village Mikheyevo. The most popular place on the Moscow river is considered section of the river near the Park Brateyevo. Among suburban rivers most popular rivers are: Pakhra, Pekhorka, Klyazma, Rozika, konopel'ka, gums and many others.

Here you can particularly highlight Bahru and Gums. These rivers are very well scattered across the map of our country. They are quite huge and sometimes very deep. Anglers often visit these rivers, as they are adjacent to large cities, which is a plus for all fans of fishing. A large number of fishermen can be found in the village of Makarovo. This section of the river Pakhra full of various species of fish. The most popular is and Desnogorsk reservoir. This area is particularly popular, since the land is not subject to freezing and liquid water available annually. Fish stocks is huge. Most of the predators found in pike, walleye and perch of impressive dimensions.

If you go back to the North, here there are two large reservoirs is Ruza and Mozhaysk. Fishermen in these places you can find both summer and winter. In the fall, you may notice especially a lot of wishing there to catch walleye. All this is due to the fact that closer to late autumn a large number of this predator spends the winter here. Pike usually likes a lot of depth and selects them so that the next attended object hunt, and there are many objects, the waters are teeming with bream and other peaceful fish. Therefore, in addition to spinning, you can see faleristov and poplavochnikov.

If you move forward, you can see the Ivankovo reservoir is the first reservoir in the upper reaches of the Volga river. This place has long been famous for good fishing and many anglers are willing to spend on the road three or four hours to fish in the waters. Coming here you will be able to see a mini tent town, many of them stay here overnight. The main objects of fishing will be perch, pike and perch. Many come to fish and a peaceful fish that is also very much. The whole place is very picturesque, deep, and interesting topography. Before the trip here it is advisable to check the weather, as there are often strong waves, which do not allow fishing from a boat.

Consider another frequently visited place in Moscow region. We will focus on the Oka river and Turkey lake. These areas are located South, near the city of Serpukhov. These places anglers visit annually. Here you can fish both summer and winter. Before the onset of winter anglers mainly caught on the Oka, where the main objects of fishing can be pike, perch, Zander, burbot, catfish and many other species of fish. Once you get up the ice, a move to Turkey lake, where he is actively caught in winter gear, imitation fish, and so on.

Moscow and the Moscow region is a real Paradise for fishermen. And not only because there is beautiful nature, and therefore, fishing is obtained with the "aesthetic effect". And not even for the reason that the place is prepared for fishing – includes boat ramps, detached Parking, areas for cooking fish, there are tables, you can rent equipment and spend the night in a comfortable recreation center. The suburbs is a Paradise for fishermen in the first place because in local waters annually produced thousands of fry, hence the biting there is always a "divine"!