How to choose a fishing rod for fly fishing

Principles of selection the rod for fly fishing

The fly-fishing is a very active and profitable type of fishing. This method catch any fish in a variety of conditions. The effectiveness largely depends on the correct selection of the rod, the highlights of which we will consider.


Power fishing rods for fly fishing, it is customary to designate the same class. For ease of understanding, the classes are divided as follows:

  • - superlight No. 0-2;
  • light №3-5;
  • - the middle classes of No. 6-8;
  • - heavy No. 9-12;
  • - heavyweight No. 13-14.

In addition, each class of fishing rods has a certain level of hardness and length.


Length of the rod for fly fishing varies from 2000 mm to 4500 mm. For one-handed casting is better to buy the gear sizes up to 3600 mm for two-handed – all that long. Universal rods can forget, the size of each is selected in accordance with the selected type and place of fishing. A short rod is required for casting under trees and shrubs, which are complete on the river banks. Tackle length 2750 mm 3200 mm perfect for streamers. Two-handed rods are used to catch fish of considerable size and for the ring of transitions.


Materials for making fly rods are:

  • Tree. To date, the manufacture of wooden rods dropped, but a lot of them among the fishermen with the experience. Basic qualities of such gear – heavy weight, slow operation and huge capacity.
  • Bamboo. Distinctive features – high elasticity and high price. As a rule, is used for making Vietnamese bamboo, which after specific treatment becomes the perfect cone shape. To catch such a rod is a pleasure, however, because the duration of the manufacturing process (about 7 years) its price is quite high.
  • GRP. Today is the cheapest material. Some manufacturers produce high quality and practical fishing rods at affordable prices for every fisherman.
  • Carbon fiber. The most common material for the manufacture of fishing rods. Has excellent dynamic qualities. Carbon fiber rods light and practical in fishing.


Today many manufacturers in the market supplying rods of different materials with varying wall thickness, taper, etc. these parameters determine the main characteristics of gear – system (the accumulation of rod energy and the ability to transfer it to the cord). Therefore, the sooner the type standing, the higher the speed of the cord when throwing.

For fly rods it is common to distinguish between four basic system:

  • Slow – slow.
  • Medium – medium.
  • Fast quick.
  • Progressive - progressive.

In addition there are many variations on the type of slow-medium, medium-fast, etc.

It should be understood that the rod for fly fishing is chosen based on the specific purpose, under specified conditions. Choosing the gear, it is necessary to know the specific conditions of its application in the future. For example, beginners are recommended rod length 2700 mm 6 th grade, slow down.