How and what better to catch carp on a pond in the summer?

Carp is a very promising species of fish, especially for artificial reservoirs. Many anglers deliberately hunt for them. Before you go hunting for this careful and cunning fish, you should be familiar with the basic rules of carp fishing on the pond.

Especially fishing in the summer

Summer is the best time for hunting. Because the fish in warm water exchange processes occur much faster. In July, the carp will be interested in any bait. On hot days it goes to deeper parts of the reservoir. In ditches and pools of carp prefers to spend most of the day. In such places food he collects from the bottom. The fish will surely bite only natural bait. Prior to start fishing on an unfamiliar body of water, it is recommended to learn about the most suitable tips from more experienced or local fishermen. Fish activity is often observed during strong rain and thunderstorms.

What gear to choose?

For carp fishing at the pond in most cases used these types of fishing rods:

Fans of the floats must stay on the rod for long-distance casting (match rod). When fishing at great depths can be used slide mounting snap-in. In this case, the movement of the float will be limited to only silicone stoppers.

As for the conventional market, among them are: makweti, a spring or a pacifier. The main difference of gear is a special design of the feeder. In other instances, equipment of the rods is approximately the same.

Using the Donka with rubber shock absorbers, the angler will be able to solve a lot of problems: well-to lure the fish, to carry out fishing in the night, catching a few days in a row, without taking the rod out of the water. In addition, the ground-gum allows you to use baits of different types. To the load attached to the rope, it is recommended to tie a float made of foam, to be able quickly to get the tackle. When fly fishing on the Donk a chance to catch a big fish more. After all, such a set is equipped with a thicker line.

As for the feeder, this is the most popular rod for carp fishing. It allows the angler to deliver to a specific point not only prepared the bait, but also attractive for fish bait. In this case, it is important to choose the right place of feeding.

The best bait and lure for carp

The most effective lures that are most often used for carp fishing at the pond, is boiled potatoes, wheat bread, steamed peas, and canned corn. Barley, maggot, worm and boilies also perfect for the role of bait. Quite often fishermen use dry mixes, which are available in any specialty store. It is important that the bait had a delicious and persistent smell.

For fishing on the nipple should choose doughy and dense bait based on flour, pea or semolina. Due to its high density it will leach out for a long time. Therefore, the angler will be able to wait for the approach of fish.